Temporary lockdown!Involving Chuzhou……

Until February 6 at 16:40 received traffic police instructions, affected by traffic flow: jie Fu musheng high speed: Huaiyuan west, Li Xin east entrance temporarily closed, the head of the boundary to Bengbu direction of lu Wang service area entrance temporarily closed.Tian Tian highway: Chuzhou east, Chuzhou south entrance temporarily closed.Hexu Expressway: Bengbu entrance temporarily closed.Ji-guang Expressway: Yuan Zhai entrance temporarily closed.Jingtai Expressway: Yandian entrance temporarily closed.Yanluo Expressway: sixian entrance to sihong direction vehicles are prohibited.Lu-tong Expressway: the south entrance of Lujiang to Hefei direction is prohibited on the road, tongling to Hefei direction vehicles from lujiang south export diversion.Chuxin Expressway: Fuyang south, Yingshang, Yingshang east, dingyuan south entrance temporarily closed, Xincai to Hefei direction yingshang service area entrance temporarily closed.Shanghai-chongqing Expressway: guangde east entrance temporarily closed.Guangde entrance to Zhejiang direction temporarily closed.Xuancheng west entrance, Xuancheng east entrance prohibit more than 7 passenger cars (excluding), yellow truck, dangerous chemical vehicles on the highway, xuancheng north entrance prohibit dangerous chemical vehicles on the highway.Cross south and Guangdesi entrance prohibit passenger cars with more than 7 seats (excluding) and dangerous chemical vehicles from high speed.(Xuancheng interchange) Xuancheng north to Guangde, xuancheng east direction ramp temporarily closed, vehicles to ningguo from the direction of detour.The entrance of shunan service area from Anqing to Wuhu was temporarily closed.Henglang Mountain, nanling west, Nanling east ban dangerous chemical vehicle high speed.Chao Huang High – speed: nanling south prohibited dangerous chemical vehicles high – speed.Li Ning high speed: East Langxi, Anhui Sulang River main line banned dangerous chemical vehicles high speed.Huangfu Expressway: Entrance of Guniujiang Service area from Jiangxi province to Huangshan is temporarily closed.Ningzhou-wuhu highway: Fanchang, wuhu south entrance temporarily closed.Temporary closure of entrance to Qianjun Service area from Tongling to Ma on Shan.Andong Expressway: east to the entrance to Jingdezhen direction temporarily closed.Lian-huo Expressway: xiaoxian east, Xiaoxian South, zhangzhuangzhai entrance to xuzhou direction vehicles are prohibited on the expressway.Xuantong Expressway: The zhongxi exit from Ningguo to Qianqiuguan direction is temporarily closed, xuancheng to Ningguo direction sunbu station exit ramp is temporarily closed, Xuancheng to Ningguo direction 4 km to 8 km (sunbu station about 4 km to the north of Sunbu station near Sunbu Station).Hefei Roundabout Expressway: 101 km from Lu ‘an to Nanjing (5 km east of Zhongxing service area) to 103 km.Hefei Expressway: 514 km (3 km west of Wuzhuang Toll Station) to 505 km (6 km east of Wuzhuang Toll Station) from Hefei to Nanjing.Hexafluor Expressway:653 km from Yeji to Hefei (near the airport station), 675 to 672 km (near Gaodian junction,Within Feixi County), 701 km to 698 km (about 3 km west of Lu ‘an North Railway Station to the vicinity of Lu ‘an North Railway Station), 713 km to 710 km (about 5 km west of Xiqiao service Area to 2 km west of Xiqiao Service Area), 719 km to 717 km (near Xuji Junction).Liuwu Expressway: Wuhan to Lu ‘an direction 643 km (1 km east of the ancient monument toll station, Jinzhai County) to 640 km section, 638 km (6 km east of the ancient monument station, Jinzhai County) to 634 km, 664 km (10 km west of dingbu station, Jinzhai County).Wu-hefei Highway: Hefei to Wuhu direction of The Section of Test Dao Shan, Chaohu section, Ma ‘anshan West junction section.44 km to 32 km from Wuhu to Xuancheng (Wuhu Junction interchange to Liulang Junction interchange section).Shanghai-chongqing Expressway:239 kilometers from Xuancheng to Guangde (near The Interchange of Oath Festival), 219 kilometers (2 kilometers west of Guangde Toll, within Guangde City), 209 kilometers (5 kilometers west of Guangde East Toll Station, within Guangde City),Anqing to Wuhu direction 397 km to 388 km (Qingtonghe Bridge to Tianmen Service Area section), 373 km to 365 km (Tongling tollstation to Tongling East tollstation).Shanghai-wuhan Expressway: 319km to 312km from Chaohu Lake to Lishui (3km east of Zhengpu Port Station to taibai Island service area), 328km to 323km (section from Muqiao junction to Zhengpu Port toll station).Bangming Expressway: Luoyang to Nanjing direction 144 km to 147 km (within the territory of Fengyang).Xuming Expressway: from Xuzhou to Mingguang (127 km (near the service area of the bridge) to Mingguang Junction, 102 km to 108 km (1 km south of Huaihong New River Bridge to 2 km south of Wuhe West Railway Station).Lu-tong Highway: Tongling to Hefei direction 1102 km to 1104 km (Mayan interchange, Within lujiang County), Hefei to Tongling direction 1166 km to 1174 km (Garden station to Laozhou section, within The county of Zongyang) section.He-xu Expressway: From Hefei to Xuzhou, from Zhupolzi Junction to Wan-Su provincial boundary, from Xuzhou to Hefei, 790 km (1 km north of Fuyuan Service area), 892 km to 899 km (near Yuhui service area, within Bengbu City), 874 km to 881 km (near Daliuying junction, within Huaiyuan County).Jiefubeng High Speed: the head of the boundary to bengbu direction 336 km to 326 km, 295 km to 291 km (In Lixin County), 284 km to 280 km (in Mengcheng County).Chuxin Highway:37 km to 32 km from Huainan to Chuzhou (1 km to 6 km east of Huangfu Mountain service area, located in Chuzhou city), 193 km from Xincai to Hefei (about 8 km west of Maoji station, within Yingshang County of Fuyang city), 230 km to 226 km (about 9 km west of Yingshang Station,In Yingshang County, Fuyang City), 186 km (about 1 km west of Maoji Toll station, within the territory of Huainan Maoji District), 206 km to 204 km (about 3 km west of Yingshang Service Area), 234 km to 233 km (about 13 km west of Yingshang Station), 288 km to 287 km (about 9 km west of Funan service area).Yanluo Expressway: 291 km from Suzhou to Sihong (4 km west of Panlongshan service Area, within Sixian County) to 282 km (5 km east of Panlongshan service Area, within Sixian County).Xuantong Expressway: 58km to 63km from Ningguo to Qianqiuguan (from Zhongxi service Area to near Zhongxi Station, within ningguo City).Huangfu Expressway: 79 km to 74 km +500 m from Jiangxi to Huangshan (1 km west of Guniujiang Station).Ji-guang Expressway:914 km to 923 km from Wangjiang to Jingdezhen (from Liangtian Junction to Huayuan Service Area), 887 km to 889 km from Lu ‘an to the east (1 km to the north of Huayang Station to the south of Huayang Station), 774 km from the east to Lu ‘an (4 km to the north of Yuexi Service Area),Within Yuexi County) to 772 km (6 km north of Yuexi service Area, within Yuexi County).Ningwu Expressway: 117km to 114km from Tongling to Ma ‘anshan (Fanchang Station to Fanchang East Junction interchange section), 77km to 74km (about 3km west of Wuhu Junction interchange, within Wuhu City).He ‘an Expressway: anqing to Hefei direction 110 km to 105 km (within the territory of Tongcheng).Hang-rui Expressway: 209km + 500m to 207km from Huangshan to Hangzhou (2km west of Tunxi Junction).Changshen Expressway: huaian to Nanjing direction 1939 km to 1942 km (4 km north of Tianchang station, within the territory of Tianchang).Lianhuo Expressway: zhengzhou to Xuzhou direction 260 km (near xiaoxian South Station).Beijing-taiwan Expressway: 1350 km to 1347 km from Quzhou to Huangshan (Xiuning County, Huangshan City, 1 km south of Tunxi hub).High boundary highway: Wuhan to Hefei direction 580 km (taihu Tollgate about 8 km east, Taihu County) to 578 km (Taihu tollgate about 10 km east, Taihu County).Source: Anhui highway preliminary review: Deng Zhonghang review: Hu Wenfeng review: Zhang Xiang contribute email: czrbxmt@126.com2022.2.6 public 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