Chinese chess: the transformation from wandering king to chaos king, do you know the true meaning of chaos?

Hong Zhi was born in 1980 and married to He Jing in 2003.Out of Hong Zhi 15 years old began to leave home, only for the pursuit of their dreams in the heart.However Hong Zhi also holds to ceaselessly in the day that this paragraph drifts and drifts and grows.At the same time, he also because of the combination of He Jing, for the “wandering king” drew a satisfactory end.Since then, Hong Zhi has his own home. Encouraged by his wife’s support, Hong Zhi won the individual championship successfully in 2005.She gave birth to a daughter in 2006 and named her Hong Hwa-hwa because they were both chess players and could understand each other more easily.In addition, Hong Zhi has another nickname, that is “disorderly war King”.The so-called disorderly warfare is neither foolhardy nor reckless!Instead, they create chaos in order to confuse opponents, disrupt their attack rhythm, or make it difficult for opponents to guess their own motives.Then make the opponent make mistakes, and then seize the opportunity to annihilate the opponent.Of course, in the process of chess, if you want to win by chaos, you must be calm in the face of danger, and at the same time, you need to have a high chess ability.Otherwise, it will be easy to be attacked by the opponent!Hong Zhi’s interpretation of “disorderly war” is just like the arrangement of the evil Of East on the Peach Blossom Island.This may be a kind of chess style of “disorderly zhantian King”.In the eyes of his chessmen, Hong Zhi’s “disorderly combat” is always chaotic and orderly, and he can take the head of his opponent when he is still confused and confused.Of course, Hong Zhi’s mastery of “disorderly war” can be said to be accomplished with consummate skill and skill. Even if he is seen through by his opponent, he can also achieve the state of chaos and not damage.Looking back at the 2005 national individual chess competition, it is not difficult to find that wang Yang, in the prime of his life, advanced all the way, it can be said that he is brave and invincible, and the champion of the individual chess competition is also like a “white-faced scholar”.But Hong Zhi’s desire for individual championship is also coveted for a long time.That year, he took chaos to the extreme and finally won the national individual chess championship.Like many other chess players, the author likes grandmaster Hong Zhi’s “disorderly chess style” very much. The disorderly chess of King Hong often goes without any stick to one pattern, just like a hero fighting on the chessboard in chaotic times.Friends who like to watch him play chess may have more experience, the whole board, sometimes dark clouds;Sometimes in a mess;Sometimes confusing;Sometimes stormy waves;Sometimes life hangs in the balance;Sometimes you get out of trouble…The chaos of the game is everywhere, and the magic hand of the chaos with the king of Heaven.In the course of the duel with many masters, The King of Heaven is often able to do as he pleases!Chaos and not panic to dazzle opponents, not chaos in the face of danger to the opponent heart.Of course, no amount of words can describe hong Zhi’s “essence of chaos”, but we can spend more time to savor hong Tianwang’s “essence of chaos”.In fact, the so-called chaos, in the final analysis is a change to innovation, as far as possible off spectrum, and then pioneering tactics.Do not know chess players have different views on this?Feel free to leave your comments in the comments section.

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