Jing Sweet chase “this life”, gas to question Zhong Hanliang, Zhong Hanliang’s response is enough to laugh for three days

As we all know, idol dramas were distorted after the broadcast of This Life starring Zhong Hanliang, Li Xiaoran, Wang Yang and Wang Xiao, but the feelings of middle-aged people are real.As the story progresses, a child custody battle takes place.I have to say nie dongyuan really cares about the Nie family’s blood heritage.The logic is also meticulous.Some special details make the story even more touching!Introversion is more a test of acting than outbursts…At the same time, Zhong Hanliang almost plays the role of polarization, and gives a good answer.His acting is still online — he’s polished, relaxed and infectious.His eyes were full of words.Meanwhile, his high-class kiss with Li Xiaoran made many viewers shy.The old house is on fire! Who can stand it!Recently, Sedum took part in an event.In an interview, she said she was confused after watching This Life.It is always comfortable to watch the plays of Wallace Chung and Xiaoran Li.Watching this play is just like watching their clips.She also praised the rhythm of their lines for being really comfortable.I know I went to this life in the beginning and I recommend, guest star, ha ha ha!Then, stonecrop joked yesterday to see their money in the custody of the children, he also angrily asked hello how are you, hello how are you said he was the star of the second generation Wang Xiaojia, we have also been writers pit, also asked me to help him promote new play, but what’s interesting is wang xiao, remember to take tissue, also said otherwise next time you will find them trouble, ha ha ha!It is undeniable that without interaction, we can feel the sense of Su of Li Xiaoran and Zhong Hanliang.We also expect them to surprise you soon after they have you in this life!

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