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In order to further enhance the professional level of our city’s primary and secondary school head teachers, cultivate xinyang famous head teachers, recently, the municipal Bureau of Education and Sports organized experts on the city’s declaration after not awarded the municipal famous head teachers studio to carry out the creation of evaluation, and the first batch of xinyang city famous head teachers studio to review.After the expert review, decided to deng Yun (Guangshan County first complete primary school) and other 12 teacher studios to be named and awarded.It is reported that the city education and Sports bureau will timely organize the name of the head teacher studio hosts and core members to carry out research, exchange, training work.Meanwhile, experts will continue to be organized to track and evaluate all headteacher studios in the city, and those studios that reach the standard will be awarded a license.If the evaluation fails to reach the standard, the title of the studio will be revoked.Source: Xinyang City Education and Sports Bureau

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