Sing a thousand back meaning not Hugh, drunk pour flowers between wine not sorrow

Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Zheng Huixian sinology art song a thousand back meaning did not rest, drunk pour flowers between wine do not worry.Fireworks a few dreams still in, thousands of love did not rest, drunken fall a jiangqiu.Spring flowers are full of branches, people scattered on the moon, wild song drink to meet is parting.Hurt the past, what just as well, a clear song is vaguely hometown.Qiao song from the clear sound far, good dream long, drunk pour jiangnan poetry wine as careless.Like painting screen, dialogue life, who pity white hair three thousand zhang, only wine money can see off.Jiangnan my surname is Mei, dongfeng send back when, wine money to buy pity teach rain.Today who flow wanderer meaning, Ming Dynasty how to use wine money worry, life is drifting guest, if you are ruthless I will rest.Daughter for wine money, but for a drunk how many romantic guests, all in your heart I mean.A scattered person, I for heaven and earth free and untrammeled guest, can buy a few words of silver, at the price of precious pity jade.Who pity wanderer in a foreign land, buy wine money to return home, the guest tears are not lightly played, for you to the city of Chang ‘an.Ten years for the guest injury parting, today meet your words lonely, unique lovesickness still according to the radial.Do not see the tears into the line, guests on spring wine money nowhere to buy, empty flow flowers fall full of clothes.Provoking pity, who acacia pay wine money, I do not know the body is a guest, dream still look forward to jun.For wine money, the moon provoking pity, the world of mortals how many spoony guests, do in your heart a read.Chuke just high junyi, rhyme elegant less romantic, should flow here qiantang boating.You see off the guest in the south of the Yangtze River meaning how, wine money does not buy partial pity lonely.Yellow flowers for wine money, after more pity, the West wind is not think you another year.Plum flower I also orchid, guest to relative two speechless, wine money does not buy difficult night rain flow.Old sick man, ghosts and gods, three thousand miles away to your dream.Reward poets, comfort my Lord, most amorous can exchange a few words of silver.A few peaks, where to find whereabouts, wine money do not buy spring breeze drunk, flower gas partial flow night rain thick.Poor poor flow emaciated, wine money dignitaries laugh poor, the world how much and you a day.Poetry debt wine money is not paid, white hair on the brow, this body is a few floors.Guest sigh drift with the passing water, you sad lonely to the setting sun, who pity this night wine money to buy heartbroken.Another spring, bees fly butterfly dance noisy, call no one should, Purple Yan Huang always true.Butterfly dance bee flying willow new, peach Li Bai Manyuanchu, purples thousands of good, ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings always intoxicating.Wanqing in the purple exquisite, spring to autumn bees fly different.Purples and a village, thousands of branches do not and spring zhengyan, but lead bees butterfly dance clouds.Butterflies and bees in the cluster, autumn to Ren Xidong, colorful amorous feelings in vain.New scenery, butterfly drunk visitors, thousands of red million green flowers zhengyan, purple Yan Huang everywhere gold.Bees and butterflies kiss pistil new, songbirds sing spring music, purples in the purple clump a little true.See new, thousands of posture million drunk visitors, winter to spend zhengyan, butterfly dance bee-fly scenery really.Spring to the world scenery new, bee fly butterfly dance noisy, thousands of red wan Luyan drunk guest soul.Butterfly dance bee fly summer solstice flowers yan, purples purple amorous feelings in front of.A little yellow, fight fragrance, spring to bees and butterflies mingxiang.Purples 100 hui xiang, ten thousand race fragrance, spring to the earth bee fly honey busy.Bee fly 100 flowers open, spring to summer solstice purple thousands of good, 10 thousand kinds of amorous feelings into the painting.Clump a little bit true, purples purple race profusions, spring to autumn to fly new scenery.Before I look for the purple core on the branches, and from ten thousand flowers bloom fangfei, spring does not say no color, but there are bees and butterflies around my clothes.Stay in the spring, butterflies fly into the drawing, flowers blooming in the cluster, thousands of red purple garden Special.Butterflies fly flowers just, spring to autumn to the moon chang yuan, purples thousands of purple scenery, ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings in front of us.Ten thousand song xinzhi, colorful and beautiful hundred mei health, spring full world drunk dongfeng.Purples in the purple a little green, Mo Daochun birds chirping butterfly bees.Light boat carrying spring, bee fly butterfly dance wan green Jiangnan good, purple Yan Huang four new seasons.When to rest, faint tears undercurrent, often recall that year is another round of autumn.Qingming festival tears double stream, Trinidad acacia send sorrow, autumn to spring to my heart.Flames of war, chrysanthemums beautiful, parting sorrow tears eyes.Don’t a few years of autumn, often recall young swim, parting sorrow is the most qinghui as tears flow.From the bitter, difficult tears full jin, often recall that year moon night, tonight who enjoy the autumn sound.The breeze does not solve the difficult to know parting sorrow, is a year of the past dream entangle.Poetic heart often with disabled month, frequently sigh flowers, a wisp of parting sorrow clear tears to the horizon.Autumn comes another year, the past pays cloud smoke, parting sorrow parting mood dimly tears at present.Sorrow of parting, for who flow, sansheng lucky reincarnation is autumn.In the dream, tears did not dry, parting sorrow two phase fry, autumn goose to that period of edge.Comrade-in-arms, gas chrysanthemum fragrance, parting sorrow with the wind, the dream of tears two lines.Autumn to two do not know, often pay yao Chi heart, parting sorrow blue shirt dream think.Don’t the world more sorrow, acacia into tears flow, often hate god does not pity me, the world of mortals a dream several degrees in autumn.Unlined blue shirt does not know, parting sorrow do not hate geese to pay no attention to, often acacia into poetry.High aspirations, wind, frost, rain and snow after autumn, parting with the clouds, the dream of tears undercurrent.Time wasted another autumn, often think of the past on my heart, parting sorrow with the wind, the dream meet tears flow.Parting sorrow and years, the dream of tears, often recall the original moon as sleepless.Not all tears flow first, a song of sorrow autumn people easy old, often dream on the west floor.Often dream, autumn because of loneliness total affection, a wisp of wind, unconsciously tears have been full.Difficult to dream, lonely easy to worry, a wisp of sorrow with the wind, do not see that year tears full towel.A wisp of parting sorrow wanli long, tears how much injury, lucky reincarnation autumn full.The west wind blows tears parting sorrow another year, spring goes autumn to the past is not smoke.Lofty high-rise, jiangshan several degrees of autumn, how many parting sorrow blood tears empty flow.Easy to meet autumn, often remember jiangnan Misty rain floor, mo parting sorrow into tears flow.Parting sorrow, tears flow, sansheng stone reincarnation is autumn.Tibetan elegant rhyme, write romantic, in broad daylight dim flower ambition did not rest.As romantic, unlimited autumn, Wanli Jiangshan Shu wangyan, tianguang cloud shadow leisurely swim.The water is clear and clear, and the mist clouds are empty.Old eyes dim tears two lines, alone shadow on the autumn light, romantic poem is the hometown.Jinbao poem is unusual, through the ages romantic a pulse incense, mo road autumn light into the eye wins the spring fang.Competition reward, pack up the bag to return to rest, cloud smoke is a dream, clear light still shine on tall buildings.Reflecting zhaoxia wave of light, looking forward to the boundless, who put up the bag, romantic in the wild.Present rich time Du Shaoling, treasure bag and a few people can.Brocade day downstream, poetry song water color thousand good, fleeting cloud smoke everything rest.Through the ages, a poet, a wonderful sentence into god, passing clouds of sunshine qiankun.One color light, look at the vast, brocade filled with thousands of poems, how many wind into dreamland.Looking forward to wear the vast autumn water, the bright moon asperses clear light, the brocade verse romantic dream is long.Embroider brocade bag, romantic does not reduce year crazy, willow spring infinite, fleeting yunyan dream is not ended.Charming ti tong a flower, a good sentence full of the world, passing clouds and mountains reflecting the morning glow.Tianguang cloud shadow to wear long autumn water, who put the best in a poem.Do vast, a ray of light, who put the brocade character into poetry.Poetry write spring and autumn, wind a close, bright moon qingguang old eyes look at China.Through the ages, a scholar, pack up the bag of clouds and smoke all dream, put the scene as lofty.The reunion of the light is gone, the world leaves the eyes hard to accept, the poem romantic leave forever.As soon as the clouds of smoke and clouds look up, the scenery of the mountains and rivers is left, and the poem is written by heart, not romantic in the top.- Zheng Huixian # Zheng Huixian Sinology art #

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