There is no Yellow River New Area!The first major project in the starting area is about to start

February 8, Yangtze River International Green Innovation Center obtained the construction permit contract Start Date: 2022-2-16 Contract Completion Date:Plot B consists of 5 office buildings, the highest building is 145 meters high, and the 32-storey office building green Innovation Company project is the first public transfer project within the starting area of the Yangtze River New Area to obtain the construction project planning permit. “The construction project planning permit has been obtained in the beginning of the year, the project can start immediately!Thank you so much!”On February 8, 2022, the staff from Wuhan Yangtze River Green Innovation Development and Construction Co., Ltd. sent the banner to the “Centralized Examination and Approval Special Class” working window of Jiangan Natural Resources and Planning Sub-Bureau of Jiangan District Government Affairs Center of Wuhan, and thanked the sub-bureau for its strategic and accurate service during the project planning and approval process.The project of Green Innovation Company is the first publicly transferred project to obtain the construction project planning license within the initial area of The Yangtze River New Area. The project landing has played a leading and exemplary role in boosting enterprise confidence and attracting more enterprise headquarters to settle in the Yangtze River New Area.In lot A, A new 1-23 story residential building, 1-32 story residential building and supporting commercial building, A 3-24 story residential building and supporting house, and A 1-32 story residential building will be built.The calculated building area is 45510.0 square meters, excluding 19366.02 square meters.Plot B will build one 1-5 storey, one 4-5 storey, two 5-storey and one 32-storey office building.The calculated building area is 72699.0 square meters, and the additional building area is 36811.54 square meters.A teaching building of 1-5 floors is newly built in lot C, with a floor area ratio of 15,745.99 square meters.Another basement building area of 8829.47 square meters.In lot D, a new 1-30-story residential building and supporting commercial, open-and-close office, a 1-20-story residential building and a 1-story public toilet are built, with a gross floor area of 2,1904.0 square meters and a gross floor area of 10,275.06 square meters excluding the gross floor area.On March 18, 2021, Yangtze Green Innovation Development and Construction Co., LTD won the bid for plot P (2021) 009 of the initial Area of Yangtze New Area, with a total price of 1,733 million yuan and a floor price of 6,073.29 yuan/square.Plot P (2021) 009 (ln the museum) is located in the ln (ln the museum) south of Zhujiahe Road, north of Chenjiaji Avenue, east of Shuihedong Road and west of Xingsheng Road. (ln the museum) we can do the best we can.Planned land area: 122,977 square meters.Among them, 50094 square meters of residential land, 39,159 square meters of commercial land, 18,654 square meters of park green land, and 15,070 square meters of primary school land.”Changchun” education brand will be introduced into the primary school.Wuhan Yangtze River Green Innovation Development and Construction Co., Ltd. is held 80% and 20% respectively by Hubei Jiaotong Investment Wuhan Investment Co., Ltd. and Yangtze River Construction (Wuhan) Urban Development Co., LTD.On December 25, 2020, Hubei Communications Investment Group signed a contract with The Yangtze New Area, with an initial investment of 4 billion yuan to jointly build the International Green Innovation Center of Hubei Communications Investment Yangtze New Area.The project will become the image display window of the International headquarters base of Yangtze New Area.Site requirements: (1) Introduce the regional headquarters of at least one of the top 200 national 500 service enterprises (subject to the enterprise list published by China Enterprise Confederation in 2020);(2) Introduce no less than 3 highway investment and construction companies or provincial highway operation companies;(3) The self-owned commercial service construction area shall account for no less than 30% of the total commercial service construction area, and the self-owned life (starting from the date of completion acceptance) shall be no less than 10 years;(4) The construction of commercial buildings, primary schools, parks and green Spaces should be synchronized with residential buildings.The plot planning project consists of seven plots, among which a-1 and D-1 plots are residential plots, B-1 plots are business plots, C plots are primary school plots, and A-2, B-2 and D-2 plots are park green lands.The total planning area of the project is 70,764 square meters, and the total construction area is about 220,000 square meters.

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