A guy from Shaanxi who rode 20,000 kilometers married a Swiss woman and settled down in Xi ‘an, refusing his parents to buy a house

My name is Wang Yong, 31 years old this year, was born in an ordinary rural family in Shaanxi, after graduating from university to find a stable job, but because of less money was looked down upon by his girlfriend, finally dumped.I didn’t know how to get out. I like riding a bicycle at ordinary times. Then I quit my job and prepared to travel on a bicycle on a budget.From Xi ‘an, along the 312 National Road, finally arrived in Xinjiang, along the way met a lot of kind-hearted people, for a person who does not like to take pictures, all the scenery is left to their own brain, so there is nothing to record on the way.In college, AS an English major, I cycled all the way across Europe with my natural language skills and experienced some incredible things, like being stopped for money by a couple of punks in Slovakia and being turned away from pitching a tent in the Czech Republic.To Switzerland, about 20000 kilometers, has been riding the longest stay in here, live in a Chinese family, the three months time, is very happy, every day, is to hang out in the city, head scarf with a five-star red flag, a lot of people are curious about me, then I will take the initiative to come forward to ask where I come from.Tell us about europeans’ impression of Asia.I was mistaken by many people in European countries for Japanese or Korean. When I said I was Chinese, they were very shocked. They were thinking, Is the presence of Chinese people so low?In fact, if we understand some of the daily propaganda, we can understand that europeans are not familiar with China, which is understandable.In Switzerland, I met a woman four years older than me who had a small child but was never married, and we hit it off. I was 28 and she was 32. A week later, I learned her name was Susanna, which is a very common girl’s name.Suzanne lived with her parents, and the first time I visited her house was on the fourteenth day. Her mother made me lots of delicious food and had a wonderful conversation, and that night we moved in together and became lovers.”I want to go to China,” Susanna told me. “I wonder if your family will welcome me?”I didn’t have the confidence — I was a foreign woman, I had a baby, and my parents were too traditional to accept it — but I agreed to let Susanna go.Due to visa problems, we had to part at last. After coming back to China, we missed each other across the stars every day and told Susanna through video chat that my parents had no objection.She had to deal with her work, so after the National Day holiday on October 1, 2019, Suzanne came to Xi ‘an. It was her first time in China, and she was curious about everything.My parents were in the countryside and I borrowed a friend’s car to take Susanna to my hometown. She couldn’t understand why my hometown was in the mountains and the water wasn’t good.I told Susanna that in our rural areas, many old people don’t bathe once a year. It’s not that they don’t like baths, but they don’t bathe. They’re honest and hard-working, and even when they get dirty, they just wet themselves in a basin with a towel and then wipe themselves.Suzanne did not adapt to life in the countryside, so when we arrived in Xi ‘an, we finally decided to get married. After all, her visa lasted only two months, but the formalities were quite complicated. It was only around Chinese New Year that she obtained a marriage certificate with the help of many friends.In accordance with the customs of our domestic married, need to buy a house to buy a car, I was nothing at all, parents are ordinary farmers, fortunately, my father is a great artist, did decades of small business, a little extras in said in xi ‘an to buy a house after we are married, but she heard the payment and went away, repeatedly rejected.Now we plan to settle down in Xi ‘an for a long time. According to our previous idea, we should go back to our hometown to open a shop, but after all, it is a small place and there is not much money to be made. We still decide to work together with Susanna in Xi ‘an.Of course, I’d like to have a mixed-race baby in the next two years.Cycling was a pleasure for me, but for Susanna it was a complete surprise because she had not expected to find a foreign woman as a wife, so there was no stopping it.

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