According to the world, Chang e should regret stealing the moon, Yutu shame cover half face yan

Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Zheng Huixian Sinology art according to the lone lamp, to the dawn, a floating cloud moon hanging in the sky.Meaning not idle, wanli according to the world, Chang ‘e should regret stealing spirit month, Yutu ashamed cover half face yan.Clouds cover the eyes, a round of lang Yue as a heart, qinghui shed tears full jin.The moon to the Mid-Autumn festival people did not return, fog cover wild goose south fly, qinghui asperses full tianming dream has returned.Qinghui asperses mantingfang, it is not the end of the night, a cloud lonely moon as melancholy.To dawn, a wisp of qinghui wanli feeling, the west window people do not sleep, cloud cover Beidou dream difficult to become.Clouds intentionally cover the blue, lang Yue without heart according to castle peak, qinghui do not understand acacia bitter, and to the dawn of people did not sleep.The moon to the Mid-Autumn fog cover night hard to sleep, bright light all over the sky as I also.Qinghui according to the passenger ship, dawn is fog lock qianshan far, the moon cold frost cold temples spot.People static night appendix, qinghui according to the shadow of cold, the Mid-Autumn Festival yinhan two new eyes.Spring road, do not understand the month to the heart, qinghui asperse qianshan, until the dawn of tears full jin.The moon falls wu Ti dream is not, fog cover a few affectionate, qinghui asperses without sleep until dawn.According to cuiwei, dawn and see wild geese fly south, fog lock Qianshan dark, cold wind cold dream.The night is cold, qinghui wanlizhao sleepless, looked up the fog cover a few mountains.Desert autumn cloud falls on the heart, qinghui wanli tianming tears full jin.Like fire burning, hidden castle peak, qinghui a wisp of dawn as I also.A ray of light without sleep, dawn alone column, cloud light shadow on the window.Sleepless to the dawn of the day, qinghui asperse look at the autumn moon, cloud cover fog cover not clear.Intentionally starshade, this month without xinzhao ancient and modern, a wisp of qinghui does not see native people.On the west floor night is not ended, cloud cover fog cover shadow hesitation, qinghui do not understand acacia bitter, only to wait for daybreak according to dreamland.A pool of waves, do not feel the dawn night has passed, whirling shadow eye, tonight month like old more.Autumn wind lonely night vast, alone railing tears two lines, a acacia heartbroken place, how much from the dream hidden.Deeper dream long, heartbroken people in the central water, acacia into a wisp of injury.A song from the song thoughts and dreams hidden, tears wet pillow before the window night.Blue unlined upper garment hate not poor, who pity lonely dream with water, 10,000 kinds of feelings heartbroken wind.Empty court night not ended, alone shadow tears into line, heartbroken people in phase thoughts dream long.The world of chaos dream, human lengnuanxinheartbroken poetry, a cavity warm blood breeze lonely posture.Sorrow heartbroken, dream float in the sky, tears wet pillow on the window like frost.Meet a smile tears dance, the world of mortals nai how, the past smoke people in the old song.Dance nishang, endless tears two lines, heartbroken people outside the horizon, a long dream from song xu.A curtain of remote xu Acacia heartbroken, tears wet red paper lonely setting sun.Heartbroken people in the middle of the water, the dream with cloud shadow long, two lines of lonely tears and what just as well.Lute tears two lines, lonely night desolate, thousands of dream acacia sorrow heartbroken.Misty rain, tears hazy, heartbroken people in crazy mood dream empty.Catfish flying thread dream, heartbroken people in the small bridge east, acacia into red.Heartbroken, thoughts and dreams hidden, tears wet pillow night rain, lonely window night not ended.Cry with towel, lonely river’s lake a few spring, the world is not rare heartbroken soul.How lonely life nai, a elegy tears how much, the most heartbroken moon night, full of melancholy dream south ke.Messy dream waste, a heartbroken qingshan feeling, how lonely nai.The end of the world, messy dream to return to the clouds between the water, green shirt hun feel, empty teach lonely lock eyebrow bend.Who will leave hate and tears, lonely tianya two do not know, a thousand acacia dream, heartbroken people in the moon.Don’t sigh how lonely the world of mortals is, and pay yao qin qing tears, heartbroken people dream deep thoughts in phase.Smoke thread dream long, heartbroken people in tears are rain, lonely silent hurt alone.A lonely soul, tangled rocks in the dream deep, blue shirt hun do not feel, who pity lonely funeral people.How many tears, a few lonely people know, thousands of dreams go with the wind, a heartbroken into poetry.Climbing water children language, touch elder brother, today you dream around the river city.Dark drop bead tears deep when the dream is not, drizzle touch face language lightsome.Think you alone, the moon according to the window sill, with tears water also Hugh dream.Another year, the language also rest the fear of late, still remember sitting on lovesickness.People sound, wet clothes, think you see meet in dreamland.Yard planted, tears full cheeks, wet jin also climb the moon platform.Think of the past, still sing the wind song, stained with jin to wet hero tears, no language bar sigh helpless.Drink peck stained with tears, this day meet with laughter, still remember the hometown of other apricot red flowers.Still remember that poem wine, tears trickling down one’s cheeks, sad is the most silent blue shirt cold.Castle peak do not change when thinking, clear water still flow old love, the past touch jin without language to the sky.Tears touch jin, laughter full universe, when the wind and rain road, think you don’t see dreamboat.Laughing and laughing, wet red cheeks with tears, thinking you can’t see my heart, still looking forward to the spring breeze as soon as possible.Hometown old dream kiss tears full towel, NOSE si touch jin smile le Tianlun.Wanderer often worried, chang ‘e in the moon touch jin can not restrain, laughter full tianya.Touch jin hate not poor, speechless autumn wind, dream still remember also think last night.From the language, with a jin wet my clothes, where to send acacia, still smell Du Yu call spring.Golden house still smell crow bird crisp, not a few dreamboat, wet tears dongfeng laugh frequency.Tears double down, still remember when Liu Xu fei, touch jin infinite hate, spring breeze to send Lang.Drizzle wet osmanthus jin, the autumn wind without language who fall, dream of nostalgia to the sea.Beauty smile touch jin always care, dream vaguely still see the moon circle.The heart is still strong, thought did not rest, tears touch jin under the west floor.Every thought swallow dance, still remember the fragrance of flowers, wet tears also rest meaning not ended.Touch jin night weiyang, lean lean silent still remember things, wake up also miss makeup.Amazing heaven and earth anger, stained with jin tears ghosts and gods sorrow, think you can not still smell Du Yu Choo.A leaf boat thousands of miles away, the ends of the earth far meet, love as boundless as water, the ancient river always east.Send evening clear, shuitians two clear, far shadow with the wave, only see the boat with the month line.Do not see the morning cloud water crane, air wenjiang fishing song, mountain high road far no one asked, a leaf boat waves.Far away from heaven and earth, boat leaf any drift, the river wind did not understand the sound of attentive water.The remotest corners of the earth are boundless, and the water is vast.Smoke hope to fan, shuitians sing night sail far, the wind to send the boat sunset west.Water people haggard, like a knife broken melancholy, the end of the world so close the boat tears two lines.See the sky far, the boat in a leaf wave, the river is always feeling thousands of miles of sail.Into dreamland, far vast, autumn wind pucks up the sea river.Jiangtian color clouds floating, pedestrians over the bridge, castle peak fishing alone on both sides of the free.People did not return, a leaf any wind blowing, river flow not lovesickness tears, water from leisurely month according to who.A leaf boat sent me far away, misty Misty Wanli Mountain.Wanli jiangtian into the haimen, the mountains altogether dense, fishing singing night lonely boat fishing soul.Color month such as hook, fishing singing late autumn, far shore smoke girl swing boat.Wild geese fly south, where to return, the river wind does not understand the sound of water sad.A leaf boat wanli autumn, tiangaoyun light far mountain leisurely, the wind stroke face jiangxinyue like hook.The sun sinks, where the vast find, a leaf light sail the sky far, the boat empty heart.The water is wide as the roamed, wan li jiangtian a look, the clouds are light and vast vast swing boat.Mountain high road far west sink, a leaf boat wanli heart, where is the river smoke wave, tianya wang shuiyun deep.Fishing alone blue wave cold, far to see where the castle peak fish go, a river of autumn dyed frost.Clean clean, water blue mountain green scenery new, Penglai Fairyland far, fishing alone free man.– Zheng Huixian # 100 # 100 List #

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