I collected a blue and white China bottle full of wine

Since the opening of the antique market, there really was a period when people who had second-hand goods and wanted to sell them took them to the stalls to sell them.Garage sales people don’t know how to tell stories, either.People who buy goods also don’t know what antique bureau middle game, just like, look beautiful, and then bargain, although the seller asks for excessive prices, buyers bargain on the spot, the deal is taken away…Remember Beijing old Xuanwu district huaibai Street near, there is a printing factory.There’s a moat west of the printing house.There’s a free market right along the river, selling everything.Back in the 1970s, cars had to use gas tickets to fill up.I was less than nine when I found a ten-litre petrol ticket by the river.Then look for a enough police uncle also did not find, gave the gas ticket to my dad.Dad is very happy, a look at the gas ticket is not invalid, every year for a new equivalent of the face value of the gas ticket, so that it will not expire.Because my father was happy, he gave me ten new RMB of one yuan.I took the new ticket is also happy, conveniently and out of a, under the sun, hey, the new ticket can see the five-pointed star security watermark.With $10 in my pocket, I was always looking for a chance to spend my money in the free market.It’s not nonsense. In Beijing in the 1970s, it was really difficult for a child to spend all ten yuan.On the free market, nothing sells for ten dollars.Next thing I know, there’s this big China bottle guy selling junk there.I saw that the bottle was fancy, so I leaned over and asked the price.When the stupid bastard saw that I was a child, he chased me away and wouldn’t let me near his China.I know. The guy’s afraid HE can’t afford it if I break his China.With money in my pocket and confidence in my words, I asked the man selling porcelain: Uncle, the bottle is so big that it can hold many bars.Sell goods a listen, a child can tell that bottle of wine, suddenly came to the interest, said to me: wine is not false, the emperor Lao Tze drink.The jar (he called it the jar) was much older than your father, and the Ming Emperor drank it.I’ve loved stories since I was a kid, forcing the uncle to tell me stories about the emperor.Uncle said, the emperor’s women more, your children less inquiry, it is not good for you.It’s late. Hurry back and finish your homework.”My father likes drinking,” I said. “Since this jar of wine belongs to the emperor, I want to buy it for my father.The salesman said, “Call your father and buy some more.”I say, I take money, you this jar wine how sell ah, I want to buy.The salesman smiled and held up five fingers.I think he might have said five dollars, which is expensive.So, I was a little reluctant to give up, said: three dollars, I will.When he heard this, he took out two jars of wine and said, I will sell you two jars for five dollars. If you want, I will pay you and I will carry you home.So I did.To today, the elder brother is over 50 years old, that several old wine bottles are still in the corner of the home, has not been thrown away.Maybe this is a story about antiques…

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