Taiyuan Heavy Industry Railway Company: strive to create a greater world

On December 31, 2021, the first hot-rolled wheel was successfully produced at the site of intelligent upgrade and Transformation project of Taiyuan Heavy Industry Railway Wheel Plant no.1.Photo by Li Yan on Jan. 31, the high-quality wheel and axle products produced by Taiyuan Heavy Industry Railway Co., LTD were transported to European ports on the China-Europe freight train.A China-Europe freight train carrying more than 50 boxes of high-quality wheel and axle products from Taiyuan Heavy Industry Railway Co., Ltd. leaves for European ports in Shanxi Province on Jan. 31, the lunar New Year’s Eve.This is the first China-Europe freight train carrying “Made in Shanxi” in 2022.It is reported that the production cycle of the wheel and axle products carried by the train has reached the best level in history, and each product can be tracked in the information system for the whole process of manufacturing parameters.In 2021, despite the spread of COVID-19 worldwide, THI’s exports to Germany increased significantly and tHI successfully obtained the qualification as the only Q2 supplier of Deutsche Railway in the domestic axle industry.In June 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Taiyuan Heavy Industry Railway Company and encouraged the company to make good use of the historic opportunity of China’s transportation development and the “Belt and Road” initiative to create a bigger world in technological innovation and brand building.After more than 4 years, Xi Jinping general Secretary again came to Shanxi, like a wisp of spring breeze to the care of the party central Committee and warmth to the hearts of the three Jin children, which makes too heavy group of cadres and workers all exelated, feeling excited.”Over the past few years, General Secretary Xi Jinping’s earnest instructions and deep expectations have become the navigation light and a steady driving force for us to keep moving forward.”Too heavy group party secretary, chairman Han Zhentang difficult to hide the heart excited.He said that the company regarded lean management and reform and innovation as the key to do a good job in various tasks, and made contributions to the transformation and development of Shanxi Province.Under the severe test of COVID-19 and the complex situation at home and abroad, orbital has achieved a record high order volume in both domestic and international markets, showing a particularly outstanding performance in the world wheel and shaft industry.In 2021, the operating revenue and profit increased by 48% and 89% respectively compared with 2017, and various economic indicators also increased in different degrees.In 2021, the second Wheel Factory, a workshop inspected by General Secretary Xi Jinping, continued uninterrupted production for three months, achieving a historic breakthrough of nearly 100,000 wheels with a monthly output of 43,351 wheels, a single shift of 829 wheels, and a single hour of 73 wheels.Not only that, as one of the key projects initiated in the construction of intelligent high-end equipment industrial park of Heavy Weight Group, the upgrade and transformation project of The first wheel Factory of Railway Company was the first to take the lead in self-design, relocation, installation and commissioning, realizing the feat of project approval, implementation and trial operation in that year.January 30, the reporter in this equipment all localization and the core equipment are too heavy manufacturing production workshop to see, the staff is doing the final on-line debugging of the equipment, is expected to be formally put into operation soon this year.Scientific and technological innovation is the inexhaustible driving force for the development of enterprises, and the development of enterprises cannot be separated from the unremitting efforts of scientific and technological workers.In 2021, Wei Huacheng, director of the design and r&d Room of orbital Technology Center, was named as the scientific and technological innovation model of China heavy machinery industry, and won the first prize of scientific and technological innovation of Heavy Weight Group, and was awarded 100,000 YUAN by the group.The r&d team represented by Wei Huacheng has been working hard all the year round to solve problems with joint efforts. It has won 2 second prizes of Shanxi Provincial Science and Technology Progress award, formulated industry standards and obtained nearly 10 authorized patents, and scientific and technological innovation achievements continue to emerge.In particular, in 2021, the company completed a key RESEARCH and development project in Shanxi Province, and the high-speed rail wheel and shaft technology has been continuously improved;The high-performance subway wheel developed has completed 200,000km application tracking, and its application performance has been highly recognized by users. The wear resistance and damage resistance of the product are leading in the industry.The optimized Beijing metro gear box performance improvement technology has passed the evaluation of industry experts, providing a strong support for the company’s continuous expansion of “product + service”.In terms of technology brand construction, the enterprise r&d investment intensity, the proportion of technical personnel, scientific research achievements have always maintained the forefront of the industry. In 2021, the company’s technology center ranked second in the provincial enterprise technology center evaluation, and won the honor of “Enterprise Innovation Award” in Shanxi Province.The provincial key laboratory of the company successfully completed all research tasks and passed the expert acceptance work smoothly.With the development and expansion of the enterprise, the spiritual outlook of employees is also brand-new, happiness, sense of gain suddenly improved.In 2017, su Xiaoyu, an employee, had the honor to have face-to-face cordial communication with General Secretary Xi Jinping.”I remember very clearly that general Secretary Xi Jinping came face to face with me that afternoon. He cared for me like a father in his family and asked me to continue to work hard and do well, which encouraged me and made me feel warm.In the past few years, I have also been growing up, passed the postgraduate examination, in different jobs have been fully experienced.”Su Xiaoyu said that in the New Year, he will continue to work hard, take responsibility for practical work, seize every moment, and devote his best youth to the enterprise he loves.Strengthen management to increase efficiency, reform and innovation to seek development.At present, the heavy group is pushing (heavy) intelligent high-end equipment industrial park project in Shanxi Province construction, accelerate the coordinated development of “6 + N” industrial park, with unprecedented vitality, focus, “execution”, in the development of high quality high speed road courageously shoes are always, to the distance, to create a bigger development space and the heavens and the earth.Source: Shanxi Daily

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