Together is reunion!Three couples at Changsha South Railway Station have dinner on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve dinner, is the symbol of the Spring Festival family reunion, is every wanderer home expectation.However, there are three couples in the passenger workshop of Changsha South Railway Station of China Railway Guangzhou Bureau Group Corporation. They fight day and night in the railway Spring Festival transport front line, escort passengers to travel, unknown to public dedication of their opportunity to reunite with their families, eat the New Year’s Eve dinner on the post, tasting the unique New Year’s Eve dinner.Scene 1: Having dinner on New Year’s Eve in the lounge, her husband Huang Jingbo is the director of the duty officer, and his wife Luo Qian is the departure passenger.They met at Changsha South Railway Station in 2010 and got married in 2016.Although husband and wife two people go to work at ordinary times is the same into the same, but in the work a day down there is no intersection, difficult encounter face.Her husband Huang Jingbo was mainly responsible for coordinating and commanding the passenger transport work of the day.On New Year’s Eve, her husband Huang Jingbo took advantage of his free time at work and went to the departure lounge to happily eat a reunion dinner with his wife Luo Qian.The couple had been married for six years, and they had spent the New Year’s Eve at the station, which they regarded as their “home”.Scene 2: Having Dinner on New Year’s Eve on their own Posts Her husband Tong Yanfeng is a veteran in 2009 and now works as an outbound passenger operator on the first floor of the station.His wife He Jie is now working as a passenger carrier in the waiting hall on the second floor of the station.They married in 2020, and in 2021, the couple had a baby girl.On New Year’s Eve this day, changsha South railway station opened the train logarithm still reached 177 pairs, although they are in the same team, because of their respective job location is different, in the same station to work, but meet to eat New Year’s Eve dinner time are not on, so.They had to eat dinner on New Year’s Eve at their respective jobs.After dinner, her husband Tong Yanfeng took advantage of the gap and ran to the waiting room to give a red envelope to his wife He Jie. Their reunion lasted only three minutes.Scene 3: Having a reunion dinner at the station exit Wife Chouchan is now a passenger at the exit.Her husband, Xie Yongfeng, is a mechanic at changsha South Railway Station.They got married in 2006 and have two twin sons. Because of different jobs, they spend less time together and spend more time apart, so the twins take turns to take care of them at home.Due to staggered work hours, the couple have not been able to have a New Year’s Eve dinner together for 10 years.This year’s New Year’s Eve, husband and wife two people very not easy to get together are to work, husband Xie Yongfeng took the unit of the repair car to Changsha South station, he immediately made an appointment with his wife at the exit to eat dinner.The repair car stayed in Changsha South station for a very short time, and the couple simply ate the New Year’s Eve dinner before returning to their own jobs.[Editor: Sun Yanfei][Source: Sanxiang Metropolis Daily]

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