What is the 3 big trump card major that Ha Medical college takes an examination of the hardest?Is hei Long Jiang lowest admit a number?

Dear students and parents, hello!With the national college entrance examination season approaching, many senior three students are working hard day and night.At the same time, many students and parents have become very concerned about which universities and majors they should apply for after the college entrance examination.In this issue of “Cold Observation on Education”, the author would like to introduce Harbin Medical University, a well-known medical university located in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province.Based on the admission data of Harbin Medical University in Heilongjiang province in 2021 and the admission scores of each major, the author will introduce the three flagship majors of Harbin Medical University for you.Harbin Medical University (Harbin Medical University), founded in 1926, has gone through 98 years of development. It is a university co-built by ministries and commissions and provinces, a high-level university in Heilongjiang Province and a university with advantageous disciplines.The university now has 9 first-level disciplines, 62 second-level disciplines, 2 state key disciplines and 2 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.In the fourth round of discipline evaluation, 1 discipline of Harbin Medical University entered class A and 8 disciplines entered class B.The first, second and fourth hospitals of Harbin Medical University are all grade A hospitals with high medical level in Heilongjiang Province and even in northeast China.According to the admission scores of Harbin Medical University’s first batch of undergraduate students in Heilongjiang province in 2021, there is a wide gap between the admission scores of different majors.The three majors with the highest admission scores in 2021 are clinical Medicine (5+3 integration, in the Uyghuan-Chinese class), clinical Medicine (5+3 integration) and Clinical Medicine (5+3 integration, master of Pediatrics).1. Clinical Medicine (5+3 Integration, Yu Weihan Class) in the 2021 College Entrance Examination, Clinical Medicine (5+3 integration, Yu Weihan Class) is the major with the highest admission score among all majors of Harbin Medical University. This major has enrolled 13 students in Heilongjiang Province, with the highest score of 630 (ranked 1005 in science and technology in the province).The lowest score was 599 (ranked 2624 among the candidates of science and technology in the province), and the average score reached 608.With the continuous cultivation mode of bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctor’s degree, Yu Wei-han Class aims to cultivate high-level and outstanding medical talents with innovative spirit and international vision, which is worthy of the trump specialty of Harbin Medical University.In the 2021 National College Entrance Examination, the admission score of Clinical Medicine (5+3 integration) ranks second among all majors of Harbin Medical University, with the highest score of 598, the lowest score of 585 and the average score of 592.The enrollment of this major in Heilongjiang province is 46, and the lowest enrollment rank in the province is 3770.The duration of study in clinical Medicine (5+3 integration) is five years for bachelor and three years for master.Qualified students can directly transfer to the postgraduate education stage after five years of undergraduate education.This major mainly cultivates talents in clinical medicine, medical research and medical education for hospitals at all levels.3. Clinical Medicine (5+3 Integration, Master of Pediatrics) In the 2021 College Entrance Examination, the highest score is 585, the lowest score is 584, and the average score is 584. The lowest admission rank in the province is 3860 students.This major has the third highest admission score in Heilongjiang Province in the 2021 College entrance examination of Harbin Medical University, with 5 students enrolled in Heilongjiang Province. The major training direction is master of Pediatrics.The above three majors are the three majors with the highest admission scores of Harbin Medical University. Students who are interested in medical education, scientific research and practice, and excellent students who rank within 2600 in science and technology in the province can apply for the examination.The two majors of clinical Medicine 5+3 can directly lead to a master’s degree, and candidates with outstanding performance who rank top 3800 in science and technology in the province can apply for the examination.Harbin Medical University can be said to be a university with very strong comprehensive medical strength. In the era of the author’s college entrance examination, the admission score of Harbin Medical University is often comparable with Harbin Institute of Technology, which is much higher than Harbin Ship at that time.In the 2021 national College Entrance Examination, Harbin Medical University has a relatively low admission score for some majors in the first batch of undergraduate courses.Such as bioinformatics, intelligent medical engineering, nursing professional minimum points are 468 points, the province’s science and technology examinee ranking for 23686, if you especially favor Harbin Medical university, you can also choose these admission scores relatively low undergraduate major for examination.This article is from the “education cold observation” original, if need to reprint, please contact the author, infringement will be investigated.Welcome to like, ridicule, forward, comment.I wish you a successful college entrance examination in 2022 and Harbin Medical University.

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