What should interpreters do for Beijing Winter Olympics?Translate “fortune falls”, and give advice to Bach

“I can’t say I’m experienced, but my heart still beat when I sat as an interpreter for the first time at the Beijing Winter Olympics Delegation General Meeting.”Beijing International Studies Institute senior translation school teacher Shen Zhou Rong recently told reporters.Shen Zhurong, teacher of Advanced Translation school of Beijing International Studies University.In September 2021, Shen zhurong was assigned to the venue operation team of Yanqing Winter Olympic Village under the Olympic Village Department of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games, China News Service reported.In Yanqing Winter Olympic Village, Shen Zhurong served as the general liaison between the Winter Olympic Village and the INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC). On the other hand, he served as the language service expert of the Winter Olympic Village, providing translation support for various business areas of the Winter Olympic Village, and acting as interpreter for the international high-level protocol and head of delegation assembly.The language work in the Winter Olympic village is different from traditional translation.The traditional translation industry usually requires the interpreter to remain neutral and invisible. However, as the language service provider of the Winter Olympics, it is often necessary to clarify the position and adjust the translation strategy according to the actual situation to help the communication parties to bridge the cultural gap.For example, in traditional Chinese Spring Festival couplets, the Chinese character for “fu” is traditionally pasted upside down. Shen translated the word to IOC officials as “the luckiness is coming down,” a pun on the phrase.Speaking about her experience as an interpreter at the Beijing Olympics, Shen said the nerves she felt when interpreting for the first time in her career seemed to come back.”As an interpreter, I just acted as a middleman.This time, AS a member of the Beijing Winter Olympics, I felt a sense of responsibility and mission.In Shen’s opinion, the role of an interpreter is not limited to a “sounding board”, but an expert in communication and cultural differences.During the ioc officials’ first visit to the village, Shen assisted the venue operation team in communication and coordination with the IOC.In the process of translation, he helped both sides refine the focus of each other’s concerns, improving the efficiency of communication and problem solving.”It’s important for an interpreter to understand not only what the speaker’s intention is, but also what the listener’s expectations are.”Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), recently visited the “10 Seconds” TCM Experience Hall in Yanqing Winter Olympic Village.Inside the pavilion, Bach was invited to leave a message on two white balls.Bach wrote the first white ball to the Chinese Medicine Experience Center.For the second white ball, Bach failed to write about any of the options given by the volunteers.Shen Zhou Rong suggested at this time, it is better to write yanqing Winter Olympic village.Bach was happy to write.”Interpreting the culture, interpreting the situation and interpreting the expectations of the client is also part of interpreting.”Shen Zhourong said.Asked about the difficulties in interpreting, Mr Shen says that only a few of his clients come from english-speaking countries, while most have very diverse cultural backgrounds and different English accents.”They don’t have the same syntax, the same vocabulary, the same way of thinking as a native speaker, so it takes more effort.”The motto of the Beijing Winter Olympics is “Together for a Shared Future”.According to Shen, the word “Together” is the same as the new word “Together” in the Olympic motto, implying that people are in the same boat in times of difficulty.”In the face of COVID-19 and global natural disasters, no country is immune.I think the slogan of the Beijing Winter Olympics matches the Olympic motto very well.”Shen Zhourong said.Beijing is the first Winter Olympics since “More Unity” was added to the Olympic motto.The world needs unity now more than ever.As for the interpretation work at the Winter Olympics, Shen said, “Everyone, including interpreters, is participating in international exchanges.We should make the most of our subjectivity, bridge the linguistic and cultural divide, and build Bridges for communication and interaction to make the world more united.”(after)

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