Japanese coach before returning home formal statement, words let people awe, and Su Yiming achievement story

Japan coach to the formal, words let a person respect, and Su Yi sound achievements implemented recently got the veneer and ski Olympic champion Su Yi birthday, first of all, we wish him a happy 18th birthday, before the age of 18, Su Yi among themselves to participate in the first Olympic winter games, in the two projects of veneer and ski won a silver and a gold medal,Also created the History of the Chinese delegation.For Su Yi wong, actually is his strength, the existence, even at the last big platform links, just before he took just two in advance to lock a gold medal, the strength and the age of 17 years old, really can see suzhou yi song is very large, the advantages of Su Yi sound set by the Chinese delegation at the winter Olympic Games gold medal the minimum age of records,Thanks to the cooperation between him and his Japanese coach, for the Japanese coach Sato, it was our general Administration of Sports that invited him out of the mountain for three times, and also sent Some athletes such as Su Yiming to their schools to cultivate them. Finally, he chose Su Yiming, and then there was this story of A thousand li horse and Bole.For Japan coach sato, actually he is ready to return after finished to participate in the Olympics, because he has his own at the time of interview, he said to the after attending the closing ceremony, he will return to Japan, he went to school, to teach his students, sato coach veneer HuaXueJie in Japan is the godfather of the same characters, so this time in the middle of winter,Su Yi sing many rivals are competing against a field of sato’s student, so can teach Su Yi, also Su Yi blessing, friendship between he and sato coach is really deep, sato coach when he faced the camera interview, mentioned his Su Yi this period of cooperation, also set up a bridge of friendship between the two countries sports success, these words really make people respect.For this pair of cross-border mentoring group, in the Winter Olympics in the killing, let the world’s netizens or fans see the strength of Su yiming.In every time before leaving, he with the starting platform above a deep hug sato coach, in Su Yi successful landing and smoothly finished all action, sato coach on the starting platform folded hands to thank Su Yi, so for this two people’s cooperation, really accomplished a much-told story at the winter Olympic Games, Su Yi sound now in the age of 18 years old,He has set his sights on the next Winter Olympics in Italy. According to this age advantage, it is really crucial for his growth to continue to receive high-level coaching in these years. It is still under discussion whether Coach Sato will continue to coach Yiming Su after four years.However, Coach Sato has always stated that no matter whether he coaches Su yiming or not, he will always coach Su yiming as long as she needs, including through video connection, etc. We still hope coach Sato and Su Yiming can continue to cooperate, continue to prepare for the next Olympic cycle.In this special day, Su Yi with own a gold medal and a silver as a rite, 18, to offer a very precious gift, of course, in the middle of the gold and silver, is sato coach for at least half the time and we also thank the Japanese coach gives us athletes so much inspiration and guidance,It is also hoped that through this Winter Olympics, different countries can build up their love for ice and snow sports.

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