The only center Towns three-point contest to win, Lavine again dream of breaking the three-point game is regrettable

Beijing time on February 20, 2022, 9:00 am Cleveland All-Star weekend will be a three-point contest, which will be the direct competition between the sharpshooters, very interesting, unfortunately, three-point king Curry and this prequel of the buzz of Westbrook did not participate in the game, less a big watch!I still remember last year’s 3-point contest, the total score of 40 points, Curry scored 31 in the first round to break the record, curry 28 points beat Conley 27 points to win the 3-point contest in the second round!The three-point contest rules Ball rack placed five conventional three-point shooting points (left and right around the corner, 45 degree Angle, Angle of 90 degrees among) official value 1 minute ball, ball worth 2 points, vast green ball three points (1) the four frame contains four official ball and 1 ball, a 6 points, 4 frame 24 points (2) the fifth ball rack contains five ball,(3) Two ultra-far tees are placed in a far-reaching position, called The DEW ZONE;One is placed between the 2-3 ball racks, the other is placed between the 3-4 ball racks, a total of 6 points 4 ordinary rack 24 points +1 color ball rack 10 points +2 ultra long ball 6 points,A total of 40 points players trevor – Yang (eagle), deiss DE bain (bear), Luke kerner DE (clippers), zack – lavin (bulls), CJ – McCollum (owl), Patty mills (nets), Carl Anthony downs (Minnesota), Fred van frit (Toronto) which lavin’s most experienced,This is his third time to participate in the three-point contest, so it shows how persistent the king is to the three-point champion. Trey Young is the second time to participate, the other six players are first-time players. Towns is the only center in the eight, some commentators are worried that he is too tall, slow shot not enough time!First round ends, eight players score Luke Kennard 28 Karl-Anthony Towns 22 Trey Young 22 Patty Mills 21 CJ McCollum 19 Desmond Bain 18 Fred Van Vleet 16 Zach Lavine:14 points For the third time the most experienced lavin time is not enough to use, only 14 points at the bottom, is nothing like being questioned repeatedly participating players didn’t have enough time with the downs, the last ball with four or five seconds left, still can take a deep breath to eventually kerner, adjust the mood, downs, Yang three finalists The final,Karl-anthony Towns started the game and scored 29 points, surpassing Stephen Curry’s 28 points (31 in the first round).Trey Young and Luke Kennard also played well, shooting 26 points and playing at a very high level.Let’s congratulate Don Slavin on being knocked out in the first round. I’m speechless and sorry. Hope Lavin wins the 3 point contest again next year!

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