Wang Bo’s “Tengwang pavilion preface” : these most gorgeous ancient words, read can laugh at life!

Hello everyone, welcome to reading this article, I am Di Xiao, please follow our V, so that you can read the latest articles of Black Egg culture in time.Preface to The Pavilion of Teng Wang is a parallel prose written by wang Bo, a prodigy in the Tang Dynasty. This article is full of thoughts and regrets about life while quoting classics and scriptures with neat antithesis and gorgeous rhetoric.It is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful ancient writings.Who was King Teng?King Teng was Li Yuanying, the son of Li Yuan, Emperor Gaozu of tang Dynasty.Li Yuanying was the 22nd son of Li Yuan, emperor Gaozu, and the younger brother of Li Shimin, Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty.At that time, Emperor Gaozu of the Tang Dynasty loved him very much. Emperor Taizong Li Shimin also took care of his little brother.Li Yuanying, the king of Teng, was successively dispatched to Tengzhou (now Tengzhou in Shandong), Hongzhou (now Nanchang in Jiangxi) and Longzhou (now Langzhong in Sichuan), and built palaces in all three places.During the reign of Zhenguan, Li Yuanying was enthroned in Tengzhou, where he built the Pavilion of King Teng (which was destroyed).Later, Li Yuanying, the king of Teng, was transferred to Hongzhou in the South of the Yangtze River, which is today’s Nanchang in Jiangxi Province.Because he missed his hometown, he built the famous Pavilion of King Teng, which is the pavilion of King Teng in Nanchang, Jiangxi province.Because of a great wit Wang Bo “Teng Wang Pavilion preface” and famous.Built in 653, the Tengwang Pavilion in Nanchang, Jiangxi province has a history of more than 1,300 years.Together with yellow Crane Tower in Hubei and Yueyang Tower in Hunan, it is known as the three famous towers in the South of the Yangtze River.Over the past 1,300 years, the Pavilion of King Teng has been destroyed more than 20 times for various reasons, but after each destruction, people have rebuilt it on the original site, making it still standing after thousands of years.”Tengwangge preface” colorful words, from the topography of Hongzhou, talent to write the banquet, write tengwangge magnificent, overlooking the high, the scenery through the autumn, the scenery is bright.From the banquet to the entertainment of life, to express the sense of life experience, the whole Canon is natural and appropriate, elegant and skillful.Not only is the writing beautiful, many famous sentences bring people deep inspiration.Let’s read these sentences together: The height of the sky makes the universe seem infinite.Xing xing xing xing xing xing xing xing xing xing xing xu.The sky is so high, the earth is so vast, people feel the universe is infinite.The passing of joy and the passing of sadness are reminders of the inevitability of the rise and fall of things.Nothing in the world belongs to you forever, including your wealth, your fame and even your body, will eventually return to dust.Everything is caused by the edge of extinction, cannot be forced.Life is like a dream. Live it now. See the people you want to see, do the things you want to do, live the life you want, while it’s still too late.It is better to remove the old man’s heart.Poor and stronger, do not fall qingyun ambition.Although old and ambitious, how can you change your state of mind when your hair is grey?Encounter poverty and more determined, under no circumstances can not give up their ambition.So don’t always say that you are old, there is no old body, only old mind.The most glorious moment in your life is not the one when you achieve success, but the one when you rise out of dejection and despair and find courage to face the challenges of life.Beihai can be picked up on credit.East corner is gone, mulberry elm is not late.Though the North Sea is far away, we can still reach it by the wind, and though the past is gone, it is not too late to cherish the future.The past is gone, the past is not to be pursued, the future is to be awaited.True generosity towards the future is giving everything to the present.Guanshan South Yue, who sadly lost the road.Strangers are strangers from other places.This sentence is written how realistic ah, pass mountains, difficult to climb, but who will sympathize with the plight of the unsuccessful people?We are all strangers in strange places.When a person is down and out, he will not be respected.Life is a lonely journey, you pass me, I pass you, and then their practice, their forward, we can only strive to move forward.Drink water and feel cool, in a rut to still happy.Even after drinking the water of the greedy spring, the mood is still clean and clean, even if the body is in the dry rut, the mind is still cheerful and happy.What is the fountain of greed?This allusion comes from the biography of Wu Yinzhi in the Book of The State of Jin. It is said that wu Yinzhi, a man of the State of Jin, passed by a spring named “Greedy Spring” on his way to office.People say that if you drink this water, you will become greedy.And he wrote a poem about people who are not greedy, even if they drink this water, they will not become greedy.Indeed, he has always been very clean after he took office. “Drinking water and feeling refreshed” expresses that a clean person will never be eroded by external pollution, and a person of high moral character can remain pure even in a polluted environment.People’s mood is the same, decide your mood should not be the environment.Su Shi was demoted to Huangzhou fell in love with pork there, was demoted to Huizhou fell in love with lychees there, was demoted to Hainan fell in love with oysters there.Circumstances never determine your life, but your attitude toward them.A resort is but a feast.Beautiful scenery can not last long, grand banquet is difficult to meet again, no matter how beautiful flowers have withered that day, no matter how beautiful the banquet, also have the time to come to an end.See the vicissitudes of life, the heart is safe, so very good.Bad times and bad fortunes.It means that fate is full of adversity and the road is hard.There is no such thing as easy in the adult world. There is no life that is easy. There is no job that is not hard or hard.What we can do is seize the present moment. What we learn today, what we suffer, what we lose, what we bear, what we endure, will eventually become a light to illuminate our way forward.Yang Meaning not meet, fu Lingyun and self-pity.Without Yang’s introduction, Sima Xiangru, though literary, could only lament alone.The world has Bole, and then there are thousand-li horses, thousand-li horses often, but bole is not often.Having a person who appreciates you and is willing to recommend you is really the luck of life. It also shows that a person’s success is not only about ability, but also about opportunity.Good, each friend, today about “tengwang pavilion preface” article here.Here I am the emperor little.If you like this article, you are welcome to follow our V, and your likes, pushes, comments and forwarding are also the biggest support for this article. 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