What about the opposite second choice meat armor?Don’t pick Marko. Pick him to vaporize the meat plate

In Honor of Kings, there will always be some very confusing moves as the version is updated. In the current version, I’m sure you all know how to play meat armor.It’s pretty solvable.Meat Kai’s gameplay directly makes Kai the only T0 warrior against Lu.The core pieces of meat armor are: The Giant’s Grip, the Cloak of red Lotus, the counterwound piercing armor, and the Eternal Night Guardian.What’s so great about these pieces of equipment?Why armored a few pieces of equipment can easily beat all heroes?Kai itself has a very high level of tankness, powerful regeneration and high bursts, especially when it opens a big move, and has a very strong blocking effect, which further increases kai’s tankness.In addition to slowing down enemies and increasing their movement speed, armoring also gains 10% of their maximum health regeneration when hitting an enemy.Kai also has very good tando recovery and burst without losing flesh.Especially refrain from the explosion type heroes, the explosion type heroes are not able to beat the armor, without skills will be reduced to armored knife meat.The Giant’s grip and cloak of red lotus provide continuous magic damage to the armoring, counterattack piercing armor, which also deals high damage to the archer hero, plus eternal Night healing.Armor is not only unbeatable, but also deals persistent damage to enemies, and brittle heroes have nothing to do with armor.In fact, meat armor is not unsolvable, its own mobility is not high, as long as you choose some flexible heroes, heroes with strong control or consumption, you can control meat armor to a certain extent.So what should we do about the second choice meat armor?Don’t take Marco Polo. He vaporizes the meat plate.Marco Polo is the T0 shooter of the current version, with a very agile body and terrifying real damage, plus a 10% speed increase when Marco Polo casts a spell.The second ability also gains a 15% speed increase when enemies are near.This gives Marco Polo a 25% speed increase in regiment combat, especially with the Lightning Dagger.Marco Polo has a 32% speed increase.This is equivalent to Marco Polo racing around with others, so even if the mutilated Marco Polo, in the absence of certainty, do not easily chase.It was Marco Polo’s skill mechanics and moves that were so unsolved that the nerf adjustment came about.In fact, the nerf didn’t really break Marco Polo’s bones.Only to a certain extent, it increased the enemy’s ability to counter Marco Polo.As long as you are delicate enough, you can also give enemies a headache with flexible displacement and high speed.Gongsun Li is recognized as the top scorer in the high end of the game. Compared to Marco Polo, Gongsun Li has a more flexible body and a stronger second crisp ability.But there is no doubt that Gongsun Li’s operation is much more difficult than Marco Polo’s.Especially gongsun from the skill mechanism, will let a lot of players feel uncomfortable.Every time Gongsun releases his skill, there is a time limit for him to return to his umbrella. Once he misses this time, gongsun li will not come back.That’s why a lot of players joke that they don’t care about Gongsun, she just disappeared when she was playing.In fact, after you get used to playing gongsun away, you will be very used to that kind of umbrella and umbrella closing time.In no must kill grasp, will be in gongsun from the skills disappear before the umbrella.Otherwise you’re putting yourself in a very dangerous situation.In fact, it is best to play Gongsun from the back to harvest the brittle skin, when the equipment is formed, gongsun from as long as three shots of general attack can take away a brittle skin, very smooth.So, what should I do if I choose meat armor?Don’t pick Ma Ke gong Sun li, pick him to evaporate the meat-armor instantly, it is the current version of the T0 shooter Lu Ban 7.You heard right, it is indeed Lu Ban No. 7.Faced with such a tough opponent, can Lu Ban really control Meat kai?Hou Yi, Huang Zhong, Di Renjie, Galo are not good, why Lu Ban?One of the most important reasons is that Luban’s passive strafe damage is the enemy’s maximum percentage of health damage.No matter how fleshy the armor is, no matter how high the health is, lu Ban no.7 will deduct the amount of health when he finishes a set of strafing damage.Therefore, Lu Ban’s damage is very restrained meat armor, as long as there is a hero with tando and control in the front row, such as Xiahou Dun, Liu Chan, Mozi and Zhang Fei, lu Ban will gain 3 seconds.Luban’s one set of abilities is enough to kill the gauntlet, plus a 25% slowing effect when luban hits an enemy.Hitting enemies with a big move also causes 30% of their speed to slow down, further limiting the inflexible meat armor.Lu Ban left a second skill, if the meat armor close to the face, a mouth gun open, a sweep shot, can easily evaporate the meat armor.Who else do you think can control the armor?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section and see you next time.

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