Why inter lost in the Champions League!Grasp the opportunity to poor + lineup age + poor, the road to revival is still very long

The 2-0.Inter milan “unsurprisingly” lost the first leg of their Champions League tie at home to Liverpool.Inter were considered eliminated even before the draw was drawn, given the strength and squad differences between the two sides.But inter are not a team to be reckoned with on the pitch, even if their squad is inferior to Liverpool’s.Inter throughout the match, especially within 60 minutes before, inter in the frontcourt attacks don’t lost to Liverpool, child oulu hit the crossbar, perry, cross, lowe tarot header, what’s header and dzeko’s goal (offside) almost all help inter milan took the lead, but unfortunately, inter didn’t seize opportunities (miss stands milito).Not taking chances is often punished in football and Klopp sent on substitute Firmino to break the deadlock before Salah extended the lead and inter conceded two goals in eight minutes.Inter the second half of the “beat”, mainly the team older, inter milan game lineup age is 29.5 years old, there is no lack of among them hangda, dzeko, dzeko 30 + the three players, and Liverpool is 26.4 years, the red army as a whole age exactly three years younger than inter, this leads to inter after 60 minutes what physical decline significantly,So before 60 minutes inter were playing very well in attack and defence, but with the decline of fitness, inter also dropped a level, the most obvious is dzeko, who is going to be 36 years old, basically “walking” in the second half, after all, he was really tired.But the Liverpool squad value reached 630 million, only 360 million, inter more exaggerated is bench player, inter five bench is worth only 39.6 million euros, but Liverpool a light diaz’s value is higher than inter substitute, five reserves worth up to 130 million more, from this also reflects our squad isn’t a “level”,So the hard power caused inter to lose the game directly.This season, inter’s goal is to maintain the lower limit, impact the upper limit, keep the Champions League + the goal of the Champions League is basically completed, but in the process, Inter also exposed a lot of problems.The difference in quality between the main players and the substitutes is obvious, too much reliance on Dzeko, no “explosive” strikers and many other reasons.But losing is a reality, and losing to a team with a huge difference in quality, inter is not “humiliating”.With the end of the first leg with Liverpool, Inter’s “devil’s schedule” in January-February has come to an end. In the past two months, inter have faced 1-7th place teams in Serie A and played against Liverpool, followed by a slightly easier schedule for inter.The rest of inter’s focus will be on domestic competition, which will be inter’s main battleground this season.At present, inter’s financial situation is not fully recovered, nor will it be improved in the short term. Currently, inter cannot compete with the premier League in terms of hard power and financial strength, and they are only on the road to recovery step by step.The metabolism of competitive sport, which Inter is also experiencing, is to get through the tough times slowly, to protect the bottom line, to wait for the opportunity to appear, and the day of revival is not impossible.

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