Zuo Quan county party committee office quickly convey the learning county “two sessions” spirit

Zuoquan sessions of the 17th National People’s Congress (NPC) and cppcc.in 10th after the Olympics, winning the second meeting to rapidly implement the county “two meetings” spirit, on February 10, ZuoQuan held special meeting, the county office communicate learning county “two meetings” spirit, the county party committee, director of the office of Feng Ruibin chaired the meeting, all office staff to attend the meeting.The 17th session of the meeting pointed out that the county National People’s Congress second conference and cppcc.in 10th secondary meeting examined and approved the government work report of the NPC Standing Committee work report, the Chinese people’s political consultative conference (CPPCC) work report and other reports, clear, practical, targeted, and finally is my county comprehensive guide to promote the development of high quality.All party members cadres and workers should learn deeply, grasp the core essence accurately, and consciously unify the thought and action to the county party committee and the county government’s various decisions and arrangements.To learn to promote dry, will study and implement the county “TWO sessions” spirit and practical work combined, with the “two sessions” spirit of practice, high standards and high quality to promote the landing of work tasks.Meeting requirements, the Spring Festival holiday has passed, all cadres and workers to quickly put their minds back to their positions, adjust their mentality, form a “start is decisive battle, start is sprint” thick atmosphere, wholeheartedly into the work.To control the county “NPC and CPPCC” proposed goals and tasks, close to the county party committee central work, early formulation of the annual work plan, find the overall situation of service and juncture point, effectively in the service to ensure the county’s economic and social development of high quality show new responsibility, to achieve new as.To treat the work with a serious and responsible attitude, strengthen the sense of time nodes and account consciousness, and strive to do the best work in each, so that leaders rest assured, so that the masses are satisfied.The meeting also conveyed and studied the spirit of the third plenary session of the 12th Shanxi Provincial Party Committee and the New Year’s speech issued by Shi Yong, secretary of the County Party Committee, and Guo Fenghui, head of the county, and arranged the recent work.

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