Chinese drama “All In The House” at The People’s Theater

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How can we celebrate the New Year without watching the drama?On February 5 (the fifth day of the first lunar month) and February 6 (the sixth day of the first lunar month), Wuhan Han Theater will present two classic operas at the People’s Theater to open the New Year — “Dragon and Phoenix Cheng Xiang” and “Full House”, starring national first-class actors Xiong Guoqiang, Lu Yuhua and Huang Yan ‘an.Jimu News united with Wuhan Han Theater specially invited dozens of readers of Jimu News to watch the two performances with their families and feel the unique charm of Han opera.”Dragon and Phoenix Cheng Xiang” tells the story of The Three Kingdoms period, Because Liu Bei had long borrowed Jingzhou from wu, Zhou Yu set up a honey trap, pretending to use Sun Shangxiang, the younger sister of Sun Quan, to marry Liu Bei, in order to cross the river as a hostage in exchange for Jingzhou. Zhuge Liang discovered this scheme, so he counterplot the story.”Full House” around the well-known Story of the Tang Dynasty – guo Ziyi’s son Guo Yao “drunk hit the golden branch” plot.Wang Minwu is a loyal fan of chutian Metropolis Daily extreme news, is also a veteran theater fan, watching “Dragon and Phoenix Cheng Xiang” after he repeatedly praised “really good”.”Traditional opera is really great,” said Huang and her husband, who went to the theater for the first time to see a Han opera. “I was worried about what I would do if I couldn’t understand it, but it’s actually understandable.Although The full House is set in the Tang Dynasty, the topics about couples, parents and families, just as they happen around us, are very relevant.While the actors are singing, there are words scrolling on the screen to help us understand them, and it would be nice if the dialogue were annotated with words.”Wang minwu and Huang both said they are very concerned about the fan activity of extreme news and hope more people will pay attention to Chinese dramas in theaters.It is understood that Han Opera is the main local opera in Hubei province, and it is also the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage.The significance of Han Opera in Hubei is not only an ancient opera, but also a symbolic representation of Hubei culture.More wonderful information please download the “extreme news” client in the application market, do not reprint without authorization, welcome to provide news clues, once adopted will pay.

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