Evaluation of Japanese TSUBUPORON exfoliating cream

Original title: Evaluation of Japanese TSUBUPORON exfoliating cream.TSUBUPORON exfoliator is a new product developed in Japan.There are two versions: the blue version is for night use and the orange version is for daily use, which can be used to remove horny particles in various parts including the neck.There are 18 kinds of Chinese ingredients in the composition, using the design of pen shape, do not need to touch the hand to be able to daub on keratin grain, let the essence permeate keratin grain, let the skin more and more smooth, a little closed mouth are not!Usage of Japanese TSUBUPORON exfoliating granule cream: wash the affected area before going to bed at night, smear the keratin with colloidal liquid, and wait for it to soften the cuticle film to dry!The next day tear off the film and exfoliate the keratin.Stick with it and you’ll see unexpected results!Japanese TSUBUPORON exfoliating cream evaluation a, this is another ONE I want to recommend!I really like this!Because it solved the problem that has been bothering me for a long time!I bought these two: one is Tsubuporon eye cream and the other is Tsubuporon Night exfoliating cream.At night, it is applied on the face or neck. After a night, it will become a film that can be torn off, and then it can take away the horniness. It feels that both of these are very soft, but it hurts the skin.Japan was to use assessment 2, has long been the eye of grease and neck cutin grain, grain under the friend’s recommendation, starting with the two product, the product is composed of herbal extract and a variety of plant components between China and Japan, the ingredients fully trust, evening will product direct daub in the cutin, the second day will see significant improvement, will make you amazing products,Recommended for small sweet potato flour that suffers from horny problems.Test 3. Subuporon’s new exfoliating flesh mole cream and Han essence mole was used in the neck. It was actually huge horny, try Tsubuporon’s defoliating mole defoliating small sarcoma cream, used once every morning and evening.Sometimes chin neck mole position long more eyesore do not prevent to try this one ~ remember to take off when do not rush to scrape down a use effect personal difference, vary from person to person, will not remove.Measure 4:Subuporon specializes in removing fat particles and keratin particles. Looking at the package, I think it must smell like medicine. When I open it, I think it smells good, and it’s also very fun.(I basically is the night wiped the next morning up to tear) like the kind of tear mask, but not painful oh, now with a month is feeling good, chicken skin really eliminated a lot of.Often make up to have a few not obvious fat grain on the face, still use now, look forward to the effect ing!

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