Two interest classes, one useful, one useless but the child likes it, which one should I choose?

Today, I saw a question from a netizen in a forum. She said that she took her child to register for a class of interest. She had wanted to register for a class of interest for her child, but the child insisted on registering for another class.I’m just very curious about the useless interest class in this netizen’s eyes.First of all, I really don’t understand any interest classes (at least the ones I’ve seen and heard of) that aren’t of any use, and second of all, I don’t think such interest classes could exist if they weren’t of any use.Are parents stupid enough to pay for something that makes absolutely no sense in order to keep it alive?Therefore, I want to express that parents should not judge subjectively which interest class is good, which interest class is not good, which interest class is useful, which interest class is not useful, which interest class is useful for learning, which interest class is not useful for learning.Look at my ID should know, I certainly like mathematics, also carry out related work, but if let me suggest, I think for a child, to sign up for a music interest class, sign up for a sports interest class, than to sign up for an Olympic number remedial class useful, even useful much.However, there are still too many parents give their children the mathematical olympiad remedial class, English class, I really don’t understand these parents idea (of course, the junior high school the other said, just elementary school I’m this view), because in elementary school, in fact personally, I think not English class almost no difference on (English teacher light a little spray me),Mathematics remedial class is useful, but it is only useful to less than 30% of the students, that is, nearly 70% of the students do not need, or not suitable to go to the after-school remedial class to learn mathematics, but is music interest class, art interest class, sports interest class is almost all primary school students need to learn and strengthen.And from the point of the future life, study English, math is useful, of course, such as a key to have a diploma, but in life, almost impossible to directly experience the English and maths brought him joy, of course, you can say that through the study of mathematics, to improve their scores by, in turn, pass a good university, get a good job opportunities, and improve the quality of life,But in the life from mathematics directly obtain happiness, my side is almost not, except for those who like aoshu pew study mathematical olympiad title elementary school teacher, they are in the process of research on mathematical olympiad title really can feel the fun, at the same time, the research on mathematical olympiad title, improve their professional skills can further increase their profits, but for the general public,There is no direct pleasure in studying mathematics.But learn music, fine arts, learning sports is to experience these skills are the benefits of these knowledge to life, of course we can’t expect to learn a few skating lesson, please two hours of ski instructor can mount the stage of the winter Olympics, but mastering a skill, even if is a primary skill, also can make us feel the pleasure of motion, the passion of speed,We don’t expect to become pianists like Lang Lang. We can’t pass grade 10 or even GRADE 6, but this doesn’t prevent us from learning instrumental music to develop intonation and musical sense, enrich our lives and appreciate various art forms.The net friend describe actually reflects the now a kind of phenomenon, some parents do when the choice, showed obvious quick success, in mathematics study, for example, they will encourage children to contact and use equation in the lower grades, subsequent learning ahead of schedule, swiping exercises to improve performance and so on, because of these measures are effective,At least immediately, but is it always right in the long run?Early learning will affect the concentration of children in the school class, swiping exercises at least at the elementary phase, will kill off the child’s interest in mathematics, in the lower grades to teach children to learn and use the equation, would undermine the child the cultivation of mathematical thinking, these are very bad for children to grow up in my opinion, but in reality is widespread,This is very similar to what the problem describes.If IT were me, I would follow my child’s advice, because what’s the most important thing about attending interest classes?Is insist, only willing to children, are interested in this activity, he will stick to it, at least in the duration will be longer than other activities, it is only through the accumulation of time, to embody the effect to slowly, children can also gradually realized that happiness and a sense of achievement in skills upgrading, and further stimulate their drive, constantly on.I am youbo mathematics, the Chinese Academy of Sciences doctor of science, pay attention to me to bring you more learning methods and problem-solving skills of the dry content.

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