We will protect black land resources

View of the sea recently, the municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs deployed in 2022 black land conservation tillage work.This year our city conservation tillage plan area of 460,000 mu, has completed straw returning work.Spring tillage is approaching, so it is of great significance to promote the protection and sustainable development of black land resources.Black land is a valuable non-renewable soil resource.In recent years, the relevant departments in practice to explore the effect of conservation tillage remarkable, has great development potential and bright prospects.Conservation tillage is an advanced tillage technology that implements no-tillage and less tillage on farmland, reduces soil tillage as much as possible, covers the ground with crop straw and stubble, controls weeds, diseases and insect pests with efficient plant protection technology, thus reduces soil erosion and improves soil fertility and drought resistance.Conservation tillage reduces the number of soil tillage, plus the surface straw, stubble cover, can increase soil organic matter, improve soil structure, control water and soil erosion, reduce wind erosion and water erosion, has become the main technology to protect black land.To carry out conservation tillage, the key lies in technical implementation.Straw returning, no-tillage sowing, efficient plant protection, water and fertilizer management and other operations should be closely integrated.We should pay attention to technical training, so that farmers and farmers can master the performance and operation skills of machines and tools, strictly implement technical models and standards, and standardize operations.We should strengthen the publicity of science popularization, pay attention to the leading role of large farmers, guide farmers to correctly understand the significance of technology application, pay more attention to soil and environmental improvement, calculate the overall economic account of input, output and ecology, and mobilize farmers’ enthusiasm and initiative to protect black land.Conservation tillage is an effective measure to protect the black land, and it is an action that benefits the country and the people simultaneously with ecological and economic benefits and gives consideration to both current and long-term interests. The whole city and all regions should do a good job in conservation tillage, so that the black land can play a greater role in promoting agricultural and rural development and guaranteeing food security.

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