Who can get COVID-19 vaccine?Why?How to play?

Wu Liang, deputy director of the national bureau of health committee for disease control and prevention is in defense of the State Council on February 19th spreading mechanism told a news conference, according to the new vaccine development progress, upon the approval of the zone spreading mechanism of the State Council, the national health committee to our country new crown vaccine strengthen immunization strategy made a supplement and improvement of already deployed sequential immune strengthen vaccination.Before sequential booster immunization, homologous booster immunization was implemented in China.What is sequential immunity?”Sequential vaccination” refers to spaced (alternate) vaccinations of the same vaccine along different technical routes, including sequential primary immunization and sequential booster immunization.This approach has been used before in immunization strategies with other vaccines.For example, if the first and second doses of inactivated polio vaccine are used, and the third dose is replaced with attenuated polio vaccine, then this is “sequential basic immunization”.However, it is important to note that if the second dose is a different brand of inactivated process vaccine, only a homologous substitution vaccination or a mixture is not called sequential immunization.In the case of the Novel Coronavirus vaccine, for example, sequential booster immunization is referred to as “sequential booster immunization” if two doses of the inactivated coronavirus vaccine have been previously administered and a booster shot is subsequently administered using any other non-inactivated coronavirus vaccine.Sequential strengthening of immunity.Sequential booster immunity. How?Before sequential booster immunization, homologous booster immunization was implemented in China.That is to say, target groups over 18 years old who have been fully vaccinated with inactivated vaccines from Sinopagol Beijing co., LTD., Wuhan Co., LTD., And adenovirus vector vaccines from Tianjin Concino Co., Ltd. for 6 months can receive a dose of secondary homologous enhanced immunization, that is, the original vaccine is given a booster shot.After the implementation of the sequential enhanced immunization strategy, the target population that has completed the whole vaccination of the above three inactivated vaccines can also choose the recombinant protein vaccine of Zhiphirongoma or the adenovirus vector vaccine of Concino for sequential enhanced immunization.Why sequential booster immunization?Wang Huaqing, chief expert on immunization planning at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said the sequential immunization strategy is to further improve prevention effectiveness, while also considering safety, and is “a process of improving immunization strategy, a decision made based on scientific evidence.”Wang huaqing said that in the process of formulating sequential immunization strategy, on the one hand, we should consider the protective effect of immunization strategy;On the other hand, for example in decisions on sequential immunization for polio vaccine, further reduction of the risk of serious adverse reactions is also a more important consideration.Who can choose sequential immunization booster?”For the target population, it is ok to choose either homologous booster or sequential booster,” Wu said.Both homologous and sequential booster doses were administered in people over 18 years of age who had completed the full course of vaccination at least 6 months earlier.The data suggest that both homologous and sequential booster immunization can further improve immunity.”In other words, under the current immunization strategy arrangement, four conditions must be met in order to select sequential booster immunization: first, the age must be above 18 years old;Second, two doses of inactivated vaccine should be administered, and according to the existing studies on sequential immunization, the inactivated vaccine must be novel Coronavirus inactivated vaccine of Sinophem Beijing Company, Sinophem Beijing Company and Sinophem Wuhan Company;Third, it will take more than 6 months to complete 2 doses of vaccine;Fourth, it has not been strengthened immunity, that is, the third injection has not been hit.This also means that sequential booster immunization cannot be carried out at this stage for people who have completed their full immunization with vaccines other than the three inactivated vaccines.It is worth mentioning that the Joint Prevention and control mechanism of The State Council also approved the homologous enhanced immunization of novel Coronavirus inactivated vaccine of Shenzhen Kangtai Company and Institute of Biology of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences.Source: South + editor: Ice Words

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