Zaozhuang: treat a barren mountain into an ecological landscape

“Trees on the mountains must have water, with water to ensure the survival rate” “to crack the problem of soil shortage in bare rock mountains, we have to take ‘due to pit seedlings’,’ sewing ‘, ‘guest soil afforestation’ and other measures”…In recent days, meng Fanhuan, 53, has been visiting Qianshan to check the growth of saplings and reciting to his colleagues how to plant trees.There are 137 mountains in Xue Cheng, most of which belong to limestone mountains. There is no soil and water shortage, and vegetation is difficult to survive.The bare mountain is spiritless and used to be a blight on the local ecology.Backer does not protect the mountain, not forestry people!Lao Meng is the director of the Forestry Development Service Center in Xuecheng District of Zaozhuang City. He does not sit in an office all the year round. He takes mountains as his home and makes friends with trees.Walking on the rugged mountain road, Meng Fanhuan touched the tree, look at the tree, like children are serious in the eyes.”Those lodgepole pines were ‘surviving trees’ planted for years, and most of them didn’t survive.”Just arrived at the foot of the mountain, looking at three or five thick loch pines halfway up the mountain, Meng Fanhuan was filled with emotion and told a sad story: in the 1980s, Xue City relied on the mountain to develop mining industry. There were more than 80 quarries in the past, but they had all withdrawn before 2010, but there were also many damaged mountains.In 2021, as Zaozhuang city “mountains, rivers, forests and farmland battle” fully open, Xuecheng District put forward the bold idea of water diversion up the mountain, through the form of laying underground water pipeline, 4 kilometers away from the Panlong River water diversion to Qianshan, in the mountain excavation of more than 80 reservoirs, thoroughly solve the afforestation water shortage problem.To this end, Xue Cheng district invested 10 million yuan, laying “water up the mountain” pipeline 6710 meters, 10000 meters of hose, to ensure that one tree after another to firmly nail the trees in the barren mountains.Now the Qianshan pines and cypresses, lush, become the surrounding barren mountains in the most eye-catching green.For two years,.20 xuechengqu, focusing on the ring road on both sides of the green visual hills hill afforestation drive the other area, focus on implementing the qianshan mountain greening projects, with strong adaptability, barren resistance, drought resistance of arborvitae, pine and other evergreen seedling, tie-in red Lu, smoke tree, the pentagon maple, pistacia colored tree species, such as increasing red hibiscus, one hundred days, such as flowers and trees,Make the whole mountain forest reach 70% green, 30% color, the formation of “fruit under the mountain, see color on the mountainside, evergreen mountain” forest ecological landscape.Only in 2021, Xuecheng district invested more than 11 million yuan, the implementation of barren mountain afforestation project 6, afforestation area of more than 1,800 mu, planting all kinds of seedlings more than 300,000.Not far from qianshan mountain, a total length of 250.8 km Zaozhuang city ring greenway runs through the whole city, along the dotted scenic spots, parks, wetlands, historic sites, ancient villages, forest parks, national wetland parks and other beads into a chain.On holidays, citizens will walk, bike or even drive, shuttling through it is very comfortable.In order to manage the greenway around the city and keep the green corridor well, on June 30, 2021, the 40th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 16th People’s Congress of Zaozhuang city passed the first local laws and regulations on the management of the greenway around the city “Zaozhuang City Greenway Management Regulations”, protecting the forest resources on both sides of the road from the legal level.The construction of green road around the city through, also let the pomegranate, walnut, cherry, persimmon, jujube and other high-quality forest fruit in the mountains out of the mountains, to the whole country, along the way of rural travel, picking travel, parent-child travel, farm music and folk experience travel also let local people rich.(Dazhong Newspaper · Dazhong Daily client reporter Meng Lingyang report)

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