Zero tolerance for domestic violence!Chengguan Court issued a writ of habeas corpus protection before the festival

On January 29, 2022, the Baiyin Road Court of Chengguan Court issued a personal safety protection order in accordance with the law, forbidding the husband of the applicant from domestic violence, harassment, tracking, contact and other acts against the applicant and his close relatives.The court issued a personal safety order, so that domestic violence is not “New Year”, in the perpetrators and victims of an “umbrella”, built a “separation wall”.In people’s hearts, the Spring Festival means family reunion and expresses people’s good wishes for health and peace.But on the eve of this year’s Spring Festival, a petite, panic-looking woman walked into the Baiyin Road courtroom of the Chengguan Court, claiming that her husband had committed domestic violence against her and her close relatives, and asking the court to protect her and her close relatives.After receiving the applicant’s application for personal safety protection order, the presiding judge Chen Chen will immediately study the case, review the evidence, communicate with the applicant and his family members, understand the personal safety situation of the applicant and his family members in detail, and visit the police station and community where the applicant lives.Through investigation, surianoka judges to know that the applicant and her husband after marriage, for continuously the quarrel, the two sides contradictions gradually upgrade, the applicant’s husband often in the form of violence, intimidation and other threats to language, the applicant alarm for many times, but her husband’s behavior has not been effectively stop, lead to the applicant and his close relatives live in fear and upset all day,It also caused great harm to the child’s body and mind.The court found that the applicant was in real danger of domestic violence, so it issued a civil ruling of personal safety protection order in accordance with the law, forbidding the applicant’s husband to assault, threaten, abuse, intimidate and other domestic violence against the applicant and his close relatives, and forbidding harassing, tracking and contacting the applicant and his close relatives.At the same time, the court will also be the civil verdict and her husband to the applicant, the applicant of the local district police station, community service, interpretation of the clarity of the nature and in violation of the protection of personal safety protection to the consequences of, and coordinate the local police station and community in accordance with the civil verdict to determine the content of the work with the people’s court, supervise the applicant husband behavior,Prevent the applicant and his/her close relatives from being hurt by domestic violence again, and effectively protect the personal safety of the applicant and his/her close relatives.The family is the cell of society.Violence between family members not only directly endangers the physical and mental health and life safety of the victims, but also endangers the security and stability of the society.The writ of habeas corpus is an important system created by the Anti-domestic Violence Law and the core content of the law. Issuing writs of habeas corpus in accordance with the law is an important responsibility of the people’s courts to implement the Anti-domestic violence Law.In this case, the baiyin Road court firmly said “no” to domestic violence through the quick issuance and timely delivery of the personal safety protection order, and the full cooperation with the police station and the community.- END – text 丨 wen-shin chang (silver road court) picture 丨 Jin Minjie (silver road court) to edit | | sun jiaojiao audit Wen Chaoxia a fair, efficient and civilized integrity dedication and progress Brave the first-class

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