After the Spring Festival, how to help children quickly “heart”?

The Spring Festival holiday has come to an end, and children who have relaxed a holiday are going to go back to school and start their routine life. The state of relaxation and excitement in the holiday undoubtedly has no small impact on their life and life.Parents and friends in the resumption of work at the same time do not forget to help the children in advance to prepare for the new semester.Of course, before the school, parents do not brake, have to let the child step by step, should start a week in advance, let the child have a process of adaptation, rather than suddenly thrown into the tense study life.How can you help your children start the new school year with kindness?During the Spring Festival holiday, schools have rituals to tell children exactly when the holiday starts.So after the Spring Festival, we should also have a ceremony to tell the children that the holiday is over and they need to adjust their state quickly to meet the new study and life.Before the end of the holiday, parents and children together to remember the good life of the holiday, and then make a written summary of the holiday, such as writing a journal, when the log is finished, the holiday is over.The next thing to consider is learning things, think about your winter vacation homework which has not been completed?After school should strengthen those aspects of learning and efforts?It’s better to make a detailed study plan to remind yourself that the new term has begun.Let winter vacation memories stay on paper, draw a full stop is a kind of ceremony.This ritual is a psychological hint that the holiday is over and it is time to go back to study.For children’s anxiety, parents should understand, do not criticize, but also can share their anxiety for work with their children, tell their children this situation is inevitable, but not excluded.Anxiety is also part of our physical emotions, and just like happiness and joy, they exist side by side.You not only have to allow it, you have to accept it.Ingenious adjustment of children’s biological clock holiday children’s independent time is more, the Internet, watch TV, stay up late to sleep late, how to make children restore a reasonable habit of work and rest?At least a week before school starts, have your child follow a school schedule and get up, sleep, study and exercise at the same time as they normally do at school.Such a gradual habituation process is crucial for children who have been on holiday for a long time.If the lack of this gradual process, then at the beginning of the school, the child’s spirit is easy to not concentrate, and even there will be sleepy, loose and other phenomena.In view of the difficulty of getting up in the morning, parents can use the method of letting children go to bed earlier, get up earlier the next day, put on music in advance, so as to refresh the brain.You can also buy a small alarm clock that your child likes and play the role of a small alarm clock.Adjust your child’s mental state For children, the most difficult thing between a long vacation and school is psychological.Due to the freedom of the holiday period and the lively atmosphere of the Spring Festival, many children will resist going back to school.If at this time, directly with the child said to take heart, the child’s heart is certainly very reluctant.At this time, parents should pay more attention to the child’s psychological changes, and make adjustments to the child in time.Parents can communicate well with their children and discuss things and people in school to arouse their children’s interest in school life.After dinner, you can also talk with your child about the fun things in school to arouse his good memories in school.You can even mention the classmate who has a good relationship with your child, so that your child can look forward to the new semester subconsciously.Many children are often parents before school preparation work, how to do school preparation work to stimulate children’s learning awareness?Let children learn to do things by themselves, and more importantly, develop their ability and habits to take care of themselves.The choice of stationery should not be flowery and fashionable, so as not to distract children from colorful stationery and cause them to play with stationery and make small moves which affect the quality of learning.In addition, ask children to make a list of books they need, and parents can accompany their children to the bookstore to buy books.Food conditioning, alleviate children’s fatigue during the Spring Festival many children broke the diet of three meals, a large number of wine, delicacies, drinks and snacks will not be the body “fat” culprit.Small fat paper people how should restore physical strength as soon as possible, maintain energetic?Diet should be light, to fully supplement the diet rich in vitamins, reduce the intake of fat, eat less fried food.For fatigue, parents might as well try the following methods to eliminate fatigue: 1. Scientific sleep: 1 ~ 2 hours in advance to fall asleep, adhere to get up at the same time, after getting up to take a walk, do exercises, give the body a buffer period.2. Massage: Excessive physical exercise causes lactic acid accumulation in muscle groups. Massage helps lactic acid to be absorbed and metabolized by the blood as soon as possible.The method is to knead with the hand or beat the arm, shoulder and calf, thigh gently with the fist, so that the muscles are relaxed.3. Taking a bath: Taking a bath can eliminate excreta from body surface metabolism, dilate capillaries and effectively eliminate fatigue.But take a rest before taking a bath and wait for the heart rhythm to return to its normal state before entering the bath.The water temperature is about 40℃, generally wash 15 ~ 20 minutes, should not be too long.4 hot blister feet: before going to bed hot blister feet have the effect of relieving fatigue and sleeping, water temperature can be slightly higher, to feel “hot” it is appropriate, blister feet make blood vessels dilate, blood flow acceleration, enhance blood circulation.5. Proper exercise: Proper physical exercise is also a good way to relieve fatigue, such as jumping exercises, running or playing ball games.The new semester is about to begin, please do not criticize and accuse mom and dad too much, not to buckle the children naughty, weariness of the big hat.Accompany children more understanding children, give them more time, see their courage and efforts, I believe that children will have more surprises.Source: Shandong Education TV Reprint: Qingdao Education Bureau

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