Attention, xiqing people!Stay away from telecom fraud and have a safe Holiday season

The annual Spring Festival is a peak time for fraud. Xi Qing Police would like to remind you to “keep your money tight,Hold hard-earned money “to learn the following a few action each, not an opportunity to fraud molecular information not credulous cheater via text message form send those winning the lottery, the information such as phone number winning patsy asked to call” the ticket hotline “to pay personal income tax,” notarial fees “and so on the pretext of the parties to a fraud of money 2, unknown links don’t disorderly point a liar by pretending to be students, friends, colleagues to help check the contract party photos, sorting by sending such links, such as containing a Trojan virus to steal personal privacy and property, “acquaintances” borrow money to cool liar pretend to be acquaintances say call and see you then place changes make “my wallet was stolen,” reason to let you help him (her) clearance,Repay in the future it could be a liar steal each other account as its identity, diddle acquaintances four calls, calm in the face of the “minor” cheat money through illegal means to steal personal information as minor patsy send text messages or phone threats to security account transfer money if not from will “arrested” the parties in this case do not believe,Immediately report to the police to deal with five, has repeatedly confirmed “emergency” as hospital medical personnel, teachers and other staff call that the patsies relatives or friends in a car accident, sudden illness such as “emergency” patsy require urgent remittance by xiaohui such outlaws to defraud users to install unknown software into seven, unknown Trojan virus to steal the privacy and property public WiFi mo evenCheaters through the construction of password-free “WiFi honey pot” in public places to lure users to connect to steal WiFi users’ email, password, photos and other information resulting in mobile phone privacy is in a glance.

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