Shake hands with the time, and the years of peace

At this age of nothing, even happiness can not give themselves, there are too many powerless helpless life.Good or bad as the list all accept it, do not tell others anything, there is really no empathy in this world, can only know.Oath again beautiful, but also a heart into life;Promise more, than has been love you.Most people become fierce imperceptibly, the real effort, mostly is silent, humble, not clamorous, as long as you pay seriously, one day will be seen you feel lonely, it is not that no one cares about you, but that person you care about did not care about you.Shake hands with time, make peace with time, to a cup of the past, to a cup of their own.”When you hold on to one thing, you can have only one thing, and if you let go, you can choose more.Life has too many helpless, there are thousands of thousands of road, but only for their own, is the best.”Self” is invisible. Only when you bump into something else and bounce back, can you understand yourself. Therefore, when you collide with something very strong, something terrible or something of a high standard, can you know what “self” is.To see the world with a normal heart, flowers bloom is the scenery.Life is not as good as you imagine, the wind and rain to their own block, helpless, only to find themselves the most reliable, don’t look back…Life is not where you belong.The further you go, the more you realize that execution is everything.

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