Wema car helps realize the “driverless dream”. Wema W6 makes parking more convenient

The concept of “unmanned driving” is the “dream” of many people in their childhood, and they always feel that it is out of reach.However, with the rapid progress and development of science and technology, “unmanned driving” has become a hot topic in the global automotive industry, and also the future development direction of intelligent vehicles.In the first half of this year, Weimar, as the “no. 1 smart car force”, launched the country’s first mass production model with driverless capability — WEimar W6. I had the honor to drive it once, and felt its practicability of driverless!The AVP autonomous parking system carried by Weima W6 is equipped with 24 sensors, including 5 77GHz millimeter wave radars, 7 cameras and 12 ultrasonic radars. It has two scenarios: HAVP (autonomous learning parking) and PAVP (high-precision map parking).HAVP (autonomous learning parking) is suitable for home, company and other fixed scenarios of unmanned driving, just a simple learning, we can enjoy the “call to go” parking fun;PAVP (High Precision Map Parking) is suitable for unmanned driving in non-fixed scenarios such as large shopping malls or other public places. It is understood that it will be pushed to the users of Weima W6 through OTA upgrade within the year.Not only has the practical driverless technology, The W6 also designs a fun and convenient vehicle-machine interaction system for users.We can enable independent programming through the WEma Zhixing APP, just like building blocks. We can freely combine and set the active and passive software and hardware modules such as driver assistance configuration, window, seat, air conditioner, driving mode, music and atmosphere light according to our own car preferences and habits.It is worth mentioning that Weimar W6 has opened 25 capabilities and freely combined more than 200 functions so that users can enjoy the intelligence of scene programming.Weimar Has always been committed to providing users with safe, reliable, stable quality, excellent experience and reasonable cost products and services, and has been making unremitting efforts. However, there were similar rumors on the Internet such as “WEimar’S IPO application has been postponed”. Shen Hui, founder, Chairman and CEO of Weimar also refuted the rumors immediately.We believe that Weimar will dispel the rumors one by one with its own hard power, and continue to bring beautiful and intelligent new energy travel life to more Chinese families.

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