Workers must see!Spring Festival travel scams take on a new twist

It has been 10 days since the start of the Spring Festival travel rush. I believe that many migrant workers have experienced the process of snatching tickets during the Spring Festival travel rush. Meanwhile, swindlers are also on the move.In early December 2021, a fraud case occurred in the district of yuexiu Park Station, public transport branch of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau, which attracted the attention of the police.Suspects in the case, under the guise of epidemic situation during the train need to deal with the name “exempted from inspection certificate”, looking for passengers look more “honest”, step by step, by deduction and lobby, to believe in the Lord, to be cheated, on one of the few RMB 1500 as the so-called “security”, falls into the pocket.After more than a month of careful investigation, the police arrested 15 fraud suspects on the morning of January 21, 2022, and cracked a series of 21 fraud cases in the name of obtaining “inspection exemption certificate” during the epidemic.Through a comprehensive analysis of the city’s police situation, the police found several other cases with similar m.O.According to the description of the alarm, the fraud group generally 3-5 people a group, the implementation of fraud in the process of division of labor is clear: the first suspect is responsible for the identity of the villagers to approach, pretend that they also want to take the train or high-speed rail home, close the distance with the subject;No. 2 suspect in the no. 1 suspect initially obtained the trust of the subject after the play, revealed that because of the epidemic, the need to handle the “exemption certificate”, otherwise can not ride the information, make the subject into anxiety and helplessness;Then the third suspect pretended to call someone for “exemption certificate”, and deliberately through the eyes of the subject, cause the subject and other 3 people’s attention;So suspect pretended to request help to deal with no. 1 and no. 2, no. 3 suspect claimed that normal channels for need several days, your client can be his first ride, but the need to pay 1000-2500 yuan of “security”, of their own disease health guarantee, after the “inspection” its not really disease health problems,The money paid will be refunded to me.After investigation and interrogation, the fraud gang succeeded in the fraud, in order to get rid of the subject as soon as possible, continue to fabricate lies to the “honest man” subject, said that the certificate has been done with the mobile phone binding, not only take the train and long-distance exemption, in Guangzhou as long as the “bi” this has the “exemption certificate” mobile bus, taxi can be free.Lao Chen was so fraud gang sent to help him intercept the taxi, when he came out of the car to show the mobile phone to beep “exemption certificate” only to find that when.Police remind: during the peak period of the Spring Festival travel rush, passengers should enhance their awareness of prevention, be alert to suspicious people around the station, recognize the fraud, do not give the opportunity to criminals, beware of being cheated.You may have received a text message telling you that your ETC authentication has expired, your system has been upgraded, your card has been disabled, ETC. You need to re-log in and verify to continue using your card.Spring Festival driving attention to prevent ETC fraud SMS!In view of the recent high incidence of ETC SMS fraud, police in many places in Guangdong have issued early warning information. Fraudsters posing as “high-speed ETC” have widely issued fraud messages informing owners that ETC has problems and they need to conduct verification operations immediately.When the victim clicks on a link in the text, a page pops up asking for a license plate number, ID number, phone number, bank card number, bank transaction password and, finally, a “verification code” received.When the victim completes the above operation and thinks the problem in ETC has been solved, she receives a bank debit message for multiple purchases.In fact, the request to fill in personal information page is false, the swindler is in the background to obtain the information filled by the victim, so as to embezzle the victim’s bank card for consumption, transfer.It is worth noting that, near the end of the year, this special fraud for the owners of the upgrade!Cheater posing as the object is no longer before the “high speed ETC” but changed to “jiaoguan 12123” makes the deception more “authoritative” make the victim’s “obedience” stronger police remind: the real jiaoguan 12123 SMS service information, the real SMS number is “12123+2 provincial number code +2 city sequence code”.The more anxious to go home the more likely to be cheated please always beware of the scam above wish you all have a safe and smooth journey happy New Year source safe Guangzhou Guangdong Public Security Shenzhen Anti-telecom network fraud center editor Zhang Ziling audit Wang Bing

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