3.14 Analysis and comment on liquor, new energy vehicles, medical treatment and military industry at noon

By the end of morning trading, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 1.3% to 3,266 points, the Shenzhen Component index -1.61% and the Gem index -2.06%. A total of 885 stocks rose in the two markets, among which 47 rose by the daily limit, 3,678 fell and 9 fell by the daily limit. The trading volume of the Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges in the morning was about 609 billion yuan, basically the same as last trading day.In the morning, the main outflow of funds was 23.2 billion, including chemical and pharmaceutical industries, national defense, packaging factors, chemical and synthetic materials, etc. The outflow of northbound funds through the Shanghai-stock connect was 3.19 billion, and the outflow through the Shenzhen-stock connect was 4.04 billion, which was a significant outflow in total.Chinese Certified liquor:Under the liquor In nearly 2% today opened sharply lower, then low open low, closing decline by more than 4% in early trading, also dragged down the market index, today is in plane did not see the obvious bad news, personal think liquor faucet last week Guizhou moutai announced January and February data, exceed market expectations, is a boost for liquor plate,Whole liquor plate in the broader market fell sharply last week, better basically no fell, today’s crash is likely to be in the fall and capital outflow of guizhou maotai last week more than 1.6 billion north, north from a-share funds continue to sharply today, still feel that there is A lot of liquor will flow out, certain pressure for liquor, from A technical point of view,Chinese liquor once again fell below the 5-day average, closed bald bare feet big Yin line, or not too optimistic, need to be cautious in the short term, to see whether the low on March 9 can be supported.(Related fund: China Merchants Liquor index C Invesco Great Wall emerging growth mix) Personal opinion: short term need to be cautious new energy vehicles:New energy vehicles today’s trend is basically some similar to liquor, are low open low, drop in the top, from the technical point of view, new energy vehicles slightly better than liquor, still in 5 near the average, can not be considered effective below, on March 9 formed the bottom form has not been destroyed.Before new energy vehicles continue to adjust, and its great, I think two days before the rebound is not enough, the message on see, new energy vehicles while facing the situation of the raw material prices, will significantly increase the production cost, but the surge in international crude oil prices will continue to push the sale of new energy vehicles, data show that the new energy car sales in February 334000,Year-on-year growth of 184.3%, or good, and many car companies have also risen in price, once consumers accept the price increase, then the profits of new energy car related companies will increase, so for the new energy car plate is still more patient.(Related fund: ABC Huili New energy theme flexible allocation hybrid Fuguo China Securities New energy vehicle Index C Chuangjin Hexin New energy vehicle theme stock A)Biological medicine Today contrarian opened higher, then keep the sideways trend, in the first two days, biological medicine showed a strong rise, for two consecutive days to rise by more than 6%, today just rebounded to 20 daily average lines attachments, if not by the market, may break today, from the point of KDJ indicators, today officially formed at the bottom of the golden cross,On the news, the epidemic situation in some parts of China has been repeated, and 5 self-testing products for COVID-19 antigen have been approved for the market. Bgi, Wanfu Biological and other stocks have been affected by the positive impact of 13%, driving the whole sector to rise.(Related fund: Tianhong Medical Health Mixture C GFA Healthcare Stock C China Merchants State Certificate Biomedical Index (LOF)A)In the first two weeks of continuous adjustment, and a huge drop, especially last week, the final drop of 4.9%, while the new energy, liquor, medical treatment with a larger drop in recent months is better performance, today’s military industry is bucking the trend is to make up for the rise.Now see a deal from Friday to moderate, K line two Yang, KDJ indicator just golden cross, better direction, from the news on the military year-on-year growth of 7.1%, this is China’s defense budget growth above 7% for the first time since 2019, is the fastest pace in nearly three years, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine also once again reminds us the importance of national defense,With peripheral geopolitical tensions and escalation, industry prosperity is also expected to continue to improve.(Related fund: Yi Fangda defense military mixed southern military reform flexible allocation mixed A) Personal views: May hold the above is purely personal views, investment is risky, the market needs to be cautious!My investment style is moderate, never chasing up and down, trading day I will analyze and interpret the trend of the market, and make a prediction, about 2 o ‘clock in the afternoon will announce their own operation strategy, but also hope friends to pay attention to, easy to praise, very grateful.Chicken tonight! Have a chicken tonight!

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