A visual feast Vivo S12 series of warm gold interpretation of light aesthetic

In 1830, miners in Russia’s eastern Ural Mountains presented the Russian crown prince Alexander with a color changing gem that was green in the midday sun and red by candlelight at night.Alexander was amazed at the changing colors and gave it the name Alexander Stone.And now, it’s not just Tiktok that’s showering the screen with a “chameleon” eyeshadow. At CES 2022, the world’s first car that changes color with one click also drew a lot of attention.What kind of chemistry happens when that happens on the phone?A simple scene and light and shadow create a high quality of art.Photochromic technology liberates the body of Vivo S12 Pro from the single color, and opens the wonderful encounter with light for us.Today, Dongguan Rui Tu also released Vivo S12 Pro warm gold color appreciation, Vivo S12 Pro into the city miniature model, metal chain and chameleon interspersed in the screen.In the photographer’s unique use of light and shadow and composition, the picture seems to have vitality, showing the traces of light and shadow changing and flowing.Vivo introduced photochromic technology for the first time in the S10 series, making the back of the phone more varied and playable.To vivo S12 series of this generation, photochromism has also been upgraded to version 2.0, color response faster, with a wider color threshold, more rapid color, color is more colorful.Vivo S12 series comes in three colors: lanyu blue, warm gold, and bright black, among which “warm gold” is the main color. Before changing color, it is extremely textured gold, bringing a sense of luxury and elegance. When the sun shines, the body flashes countless tiny points of light, and “transforms” into lush turquoise.In addition to the colorful color change on the back, the slim design is also etched into the DNA of vivo S series. Vivo S12 Pro’s body is only 7.36mm thick, which is slightly thinner than its predecessor (7.43mm).Add hyperboloid design to close edge, thin again a few minutes on the vision.There’s no one else on the market right now.On such a thin body, Vivo S12 Pro’s hardware performance and software enhancements are uncompromising, instead moving towards “overall excellence”.Equipped with annual flagship Breguet 1200, in-depth optimization, fully release the core potential, running score of 720,000 +, although the number is not the fastest, but do not forget that it uses 6nm EUV process and integrated 5G modem, lower power consumption.There are also dual-effect memory fusion +4G and game BOOST mode and many other software and hardware linkage optimization, the actual use of performance is very strong.Chicken or king, the job is done!And in vivo S series has always been excellent image aspect, but also played the “camera team in the pocket” slogan, Vivo S12 Pro carries the front soft light dual photography combination.One uses an exclusive custom Samsung JNV ultra hd sensor (50 megapixels) with f/2.0 aperture, 4 in 1 pixel, ISOCELL 3.0 pixel isolation technology and more.It’s easy to take sharp pictures even in low light.The other has an 8-megapixel ultra-wide Angle lens that supports a 105-degree view, so you don’t have to worry about missing all the shots even if you’re shooting with multiple people.And from Vivo S9 began to carry micro seam double soft light lamp, in this generation upgraded into a two-color temperature four soft light lamp, plus the new upgrade of micron level skin plastic yan technology “super repair map division”, the image to you arrange clearly!The strong strength of internal and external repair makes Vivo S12 series win the love of numerous consumers as soon as it comes into the market. On the first sales day, it won the sales volume and sales volume of nine major platforms.Then also maintained a continuous heat, “appearance level to force”, “clear photo”, “super fast running speed” and other concentrated evaluation, all show consumers to vivo product force to build comprehensive strength recognition.All the time, “user orientation” is vivo adhere to the corporate culture, Vivo S series rapid iteration, is based on the development of The Times and consumer demand to make an important change, and the market for such “intentions” to give positive feedback.In addition, vivo and China Telecom held an offline event in the middle hall of the first floor of Harmony Square in Jinan from January 15 to 16.Vivo wireless audio headset is 299 yuan for on-site purchase.All buyers of Vivo’S S12 series can also participate in a free golden egg lucky draw, which has been praised by fans.Near the Spring Festival, Vivo S12 series of activities are further intensified.Participate in the “New Year excellent Fu Hu Sheng V New Year Goods Festival”, you will have a chance to win a customized gift box and customized fu Bag worth 399 yuan;Vivo S12 series for a limited time, the price starts at RMB 2,549, plus up to 24 interest-free periods.If you’re also looking for a new phone for the New Year, vivo S12 series will certainly have everything you need.

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