Curry or Durant, who has more history?

In honor of the 75th anniversary of the NBA, TA has updated its list of the top 75 basketball players of all time every week. The latest update was released on February 4th, Beijing time.Durant and Curry are ranked 13th and 15th, respectively, in TA’s version of the all-time rankings.Durant is once again ranked above Curry, having finished 12th and 13th last time around.A lot of people think Curry’s place in history is far higher than Durant’s, but is that true?Although these authoritative media will be mixed with personal subjective factors to select, but the vast majority is relatively senior.When you look at curry and Durant’s important individual honors, they’re really close overall.Durant is two championship, 2 FMVP and 1 MVP, and two MVP, garage is one of durant bias think that if you don’t join the warriors, durant have still no crown no garage, but please don’t forget the 2 FMVP durant are directly obtained by the internal competition and garage, dynasty warriors no garage would collapse,But can the Warriors really win those two titles without Durant?At this point it seems that Durant is better than Curry.For comparison’s sake, Curry is the only unanimous MVP of all time, the three-point record holder and the architect of the small-ball era.Durant, on the other hand, has a scoring title, an Olympic gold medal and an unanswerable shot.So it seems that the label of Durant seems to have no Curry, coupled with Durant is the year after losing to the Warriors and joined, more let a lot of people are not too cold to him.If you do a survey among fans, it’s believed that more than half of them think Durant should be behind Curry in history.Curry certainly trumps Durant in terms of impact, but there are several ways to rank a star in history.Looking at a star’s place in history is not just about influence, championships, personal statistics, team status, fan status, and so on.It’s fair to say that durant and Curry are pretty close to each other in history so far.As for who is temporarily ahead of the other, it makes sense, of course, that fans and supporters of both men will think one is superior to the other.The key thing is that Durant and Curry are still competitive, and will each win a different trophy before they retire, so it will be clear who is higher and who is lower.The debate about who has the highest historical standing between Curry and Durant is hard to settle, and the pros and cons are hard to convince. Curry supporters will blame Durant for joining the Warriors to win the championship, and Durant supporters will blame Curry for benefiting from the Warriors.So it’s too early to make a comment, but we’ll see what happens next.

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