Finally, he made his 231st unpaid blood donation to mark his 60th birthday

“Today is my last donation. I have to say goodbye to blood donation,” liu said.On February 12, a special birthday celebration was held in the constituent blood donation Department of Wuhan Blood Center.It was liu Yabing’s 60th birthday, and he ended his “red-blooded career” by donating blood 231 times.Liu Yabing, a cook in the canteen of Wuhan No. 2 Middle School, sat on a chair to collect blood as he had done in the past 13 years.”I didn’t want to ask for leave to cause trouble to the unit, but the state stipulates that you can’t donate blood after the age of 60. If I don’t come today, it will be a regret for my life.”Always low-key, he said he used to donate blood on Sunday rest, this time he specially to the unit to ask for leave.Liu yabing remembers the scene of his first contact with unpaid blood donation.Thirteen years ago, he was working in a fast food restaurant. One day, he happened to deliver meals to blood donors at the Wuhan Blood Center.”It was particularly touching to see so many people donating blood at the ingredient donation department.”Knowing that the volunteers who donated blood were ordinary people like him, he decided to participate.”As an ordinary person, it is worthwhile to make a contribution to society by donating blood.”Since then, Liu yabing insists on donating blood to this day.Over the past 13 years, he has donated a total of 255.8 therapeutic doses of platelets, totaling 51,160 ml of blood, which is equivalent to the total blood volume of 11 adults. He has donated enough platelets to help more than 250 people receive timely treatment.Under his influence, his wife, Li Yanhong, also joined the blood donation team.It is understood that he did not tell his wife at first so as not to worry her.One day seven years ago, his wife accidentally saw his blood donation certificate and honorary certificate, and expressed concern about his participation in voluntary blood donation. He immediately taught his wife about voluntary blood donation.Inspired by him, his wife also gradually initiated the desire to participate in blood donation.”Seeing me participate in blood donation for so many times, my body is still good, which strengthened her determination to participate in voluntary blood donation.”His wife, Li Yanhong, has been donating blood for four years since January 1, 2018.I wish I could donate blood again.At 16:30, as the blood donation was coming to an end, Liu yabing said reluctantly that the blood center was like another home for him, and the medical staff were very warm and treated him and his family.As an outsider who has come to Wuhan for many years, he especially enjoys the red-blooded time of coming here every month to get together with everyone.Photo: Medical staff of the department of Component Blood Donation celebrate Liu Yabing’s birthday (photo by Xiao Lijiao). Xie Jin, deputy director of the department of component blood donation, and the medical staff on duty expressed their gratitude to liu And gave him flowers and cakes to celebrate his birthday.”Hats off to you. We all have to learn from you.”According to Xie, Liu not only donated blood, but also donated his transportation allowance to other people in need each time.Liu Yabing infected every medical staff and volunteers who served him with his kindness.”Thank you all for your trouble over the years.””After I retire, I will encourage my wife, accompany her to donate blood until she retires, and try my best to be a volunteer for blood donation,” liu said.According to the composition of blood center in wuhan branch, deputy director of the blood donation Xie Songli introduces, in recent years, with the participation of the unpaid blood donation, raised awareness of wuhan citizens adhere to donate blood to retired people gradually increased, she called for more people to learn from them, to participate in blood donation, passing love, wuhan blood center at the same time also can continuously improve service quality,To bring more sense of gain and happiness to every hero of blood donation.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will deal with it in a timely manner.Email address:;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)

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