Guilin University of Electronic Technology, Shenyang Airlines, Chengdu Neusoft University, computer major employment prospects

The result of the college entrance examination is general, want to learn computer major, what university can choose?Computer major has been a popular major, the number of applicants is also a lot, so, if the college entrance examination results are only low, can there be a better computer major college to choose?In response to the requirements of the majority of parents, xiaobian recently made a collation, share a group of low score level, computer major is also good universities.This share only includes ordinary one and two universities, not 985 and 211 universities share.Shenyang Aerospace University (SHENYANG Aerospace University) is a university co-built by the Ministry of Education, Aviation Industry Corporation of China and the People’s Government of Liaoning Province, and by the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense and the People’s Government of Liaoning Province. It is also one of the 18 local colleges and universities in China supported by the PLA Air Force to train reserve officers.And the computer of this school kind of major, appraise B class in countrywide discipline assessment, what concept is B class?North China Electric Power University, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Fuzhou University, Central China Normal University and other 211 universities, or some famous universities, and we just mentioned these famous universities, scores are generally more than 600 points in each province, comparatively speaking, Shenyang Aerospace University,His admission score is about 30 to 40 points in a range of provinces. From the perspective of applying for an examination, if the score is medium and you want to go to computer, this school is worth paying attention to.Chengdu neusoft institute of the school to share with low level of students, if the examinee scores just over 2 lines a little, or just under 430 or 440, a very realistic situation, the public university admission probability is low, will fall or run by the local university, independent college in the score level employment, want to go to learn computer wellChengdu Neusoft University can know about it.The college, as a private university in the university, at the same level of computer professional strength very well it, the main advantage of professional computer classes are concentrated in the professional, including his computer science and technology, network engineering, network engineering, information security, software engineering, information engineering, big data, etc., and as a second this low level of students,Considering the problem of future employment, it is very important to choose popular majors and acquire good professional knowledge. Most of the computer teachers in this school are hired from well-known IT enterprises such as Neusoft Group, Cisco and SAP, and pay attention to the combination of teaching and practical operation.About employment, according to the latest school graduate employment quality report shows, graduating undergraduate graduates, computer related majors, such as software engineering, digital media technology, computer science and technology, network engineering, the basic average salary, is in more than 5,000.It actually for ordinary 2 fresh graduates is good, because in the scores level of students, must master a foreign technology, employment is security, and to learn technology, suitable teaching teaching is very important, so the scores in 2 lines just after a little, not enough public schools and students want to learn the computer, the school can pay attention to.Guilin university of electronic science and technology of guilin university of electronic science and technology, he is the ministry of industry and to build a college in guangxi province, local in guangxi, is a recruit students, while in some other provinces is a 2 admissions, for example in jilin province, however, in recent years is higher, the heat of this school in jilin province 2 admissions, actually score has reached a line.The school of professional strength is very strong, and these professional is popular major, from all walks of life to such as its information and communication engineering, computer science in the national assessment of rated as class B, his software engineering, electronic science and technology and so on, was rated grade C, from the professional strength, has a class of more than a lot of focus on undergraduate, like the professional,And the score is not high students, the school’s score is about 500 points in the provinces, the score is medium, and want to learn computer, you can do more.About employment, although the school is in guangxi guilin, however, there are a lot of graduates every year, after graduation, because with the distance and employment environment in guangdong, considering the guangdong work more, and then to the some technology of some famous network company also is more, because it have the power of computer and electronic information, such as tencent, ali.There are also Baidu, Meituan and so on, there will be corresponding campus recruitment every year.In addition, There is some cooperation between Guilin University of Electronic Technology and Huawei Group, so some graduates of the department can enter Huawei Group.So, the result is general, want to learn computer examinee, this school is worth considering.

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