How many of the ten unusual tastes in tea have you tasted?

Guizhou And Tibet specialty take the world impression of The Meijiang cloud legend built dream tea town blessing land Meitan Meijiang impression of life only a cup of good tea impression of good tea impression of one hundred years of quality is the same as 1, coke taste tea has coke taste is caused by improper finishing and baking.At the time of green, if time and temperature are not carefully controlled, if the temperature is too high and time is too long, tea leaves will have a burnt taste. The purpose of green fermented tea is to stop the action of enzymes, and the water will evaporate quickly, and the tissues will soften.If it is tender tea leaves with much moisture and thin tissue, it is necessary to kill green tea in a short time at low temperature. If the tea leaves are old and have little moisture, the killing time is short and the temperature is high.Baking at too high a temperature, or too fast, not often stir, will have a burnt taste.2, stuffy stuffy taste stuffy yellow taste, water stuffy taste, red stuffy taste.Stuffy yellow taste is to point to fresh leaf accumulation gives off heat, bake appears evaporate leaf phenomenon, knead, wrap knead time is longer, cause vacuum layer.Red frowsty taste is to point to when bag knead tea, in bag frowsty accumulate time is longer, have this kind of taste.Water stuffy taste refers to dew green, rain green heaps, not spread out, can not be timely cool green, or before the green, in order to improve leaf temperature, promote fermentation, stuffy pile, do green water shortage.The bitterness of tea depends on the situation. Many teas have a bitter taste.It mainly depends on whether it can be spread out quickly after the entrance. If it cannot be spread out all the time, the main reason for the bitter taste may be that the fresh leaves are young, the sun is not green enough, the green is not done properly, or it belongs to the summer heat tea.4, light taste light can not be counted as taste, the light here refers to the tea is weak and tasteless, a main factor is fresh tea leaves thick old, withering excessive water, or rolling is not correct.Summer tea or winter tea slices will be relatively thin, and rain earlier, which will lead to a weak taste of tea.5, musty tea is not stored correctly, placed for a long time, absorb moisture in the air, breed fungi, damp will appear musty taste, tea deterioration, flavor, no original unique fragrance.Green taste green taste is the natural taste of plants. The main reason for the green taste in tea is that the sun, the green and the green are not enough. Of course, there are other reasons as well.(2) In the process of tea making, sunlight withering or improper mixing leads to insufficient fermentation and green flavor.(3) In the cultivation and management, too much nitrogen fertilizer, tea is dark green, aroma is not enough and the taste is weak, with green taste.7, some sour tea in the green, dry, rolling, after drying, to spread, and then fermentation, rolling, and then dry the next day.During the fermentation process, the initial dry tea leaves have a lot of water, which promotes microbial activity and gives the tea a sour taste.8, odor tea in addition to its own taste, there is a strange smell is odor, tea taste is very strong, if improper preservation, the surrounding smell is absorbed by tea, tea quality deteriorates, produce bad odor.9. Smoke smell is caused by improper processing of tea leaves when baking, high temperature, long time, tea leaves falling in fuel, smoke emission, tea inhalation of burnt smoke smell, or the production environment has smoke smell, which is the factor causing the smoke smell of tea leaves.The difference is that there’s a difference between smoke and pine.10, the process of fire flavor drying is to ensure the quality of tea, in high temperature dry tea is fire flavor, fire flavor tea stiff not slippery, into the throat is no rhyme.Meijiang impression is beautiful Guizhou tea for thousands of years of inheritance of public rations Meitan hand-built dark tea Meijiang impression leading wechat account: MJYX68 microblog number: Meijiang impression

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