The number of divorces in Fuyang fell sharply last year

According to the fuyang Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, a total of 62,229 marriages and 14,105 divorces were registered in the city in 2021, showing a trend of “double decline” compared with 2020.Among them, the number of divorce registrations decreased by about half from 2020 due to the cooling-off period for divorce that took effect last year.The reporter learned from the civil Affairs Bureau that last year, the city handled 62,229 marriage registration;In 2020, 69,866 couples of marriages were registered in the city, 7,637 fewer than in 2020 last year.According to the analysis, most of the post-90s are the only child, the population base is small, coupled with the general improvement of the education of young people, graduation late, work late, resulting in young people marry later and later.Last year, February, March and May saw the largest number of marriages.According to analysis, February and March are the Spring Festival season for migrant workers to return home, and one of the key “tasks” for young people to return home is to get married.The main reason for the high number of marriages in May is that May 20 and May 21 are two popular dates for young people to get married.According to the civil Affairs Bureau, 14,105 divorces were registered in The city last year, down by about half from 28,148 in 2020.According to the report, the Civil Code of the People’s Republic of China will come into force on January 1, 2021.In order to implement the cooling-off period for divorce stipulated in the Civil Code, the Ministry of Civil Affairs adjusted the marriage registration procedure and added a cooling-off period to the divorce procedure, which also led to a sharp drop in the divorce rate.”I have a young cousin who is in her 30s.Through various connections, I introduced her to a ‘boyfriend’ who was’ upgraded ‘, but none of them succeeded.”Speaking of this matter, the citizen Ms Liao sighed.Ms. Liao said that most of her younger Cousins disagreed, either because they thought her husband had “a lot of savings”, or because he mentioned his mother more than a few times in their relationship, they thought he was a “mama’s boy”…”I think it is because my little cousin has had many blind dates or failed to get along with her husband, which has made her extremely proud and extremely self-abased.””Ms. Liao said.Reporters learned that from last year’s age for marriage registration, 30-39 years old fewer people married.In Yingzhou District, for example, 1,217 men and 1,451 women aged 20-24 got married.In the 25-29 age group, 1,679 men and 1,620 women married.The number of men and women over 40 who married was 3,299.Between the ages of 30 and 34, 901 men and 818 women got married.Between the ages of 35 and 39, 385 men and 408 women were married.Reporter Chu Jiming

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