Into a fine!A man catches a half-meter-long “giant yellow catfish” in guangxi

Fishing, a traditional way of fishing, has evolved into a popular outdoor activity, and more and more people are joining it.For the true fishing enthusiast, it is the process that counts, not the catch.However, deep in the heart of every fisherman, there is a lingering dream of being a big fish.A man in South China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region has made his dream come true after catching a rare fish weighing up to 3 kilograms.Guangxi this man is a fishing lover, although the age is not young, but has many years of fishing experience, fishing skills are very skilled.His biggest hobby is fishing, as long as he has spare time, he will go fishing alone or with his friends.This day, the man had nothing to do and went fishing again. He chose the fishing rod and the water was a natural river that allowed fishing. The target fish was crucian carp, which was active in winter.When the fish was pulled ashore, the man was surprised. It turned out to be a huge yellow catfish.Yellow catfish is actually a relatively common fish, and men often come across it when fishing, but it is the first time to see such a big fish.After measuring, it is nearly 50 centimeters long and weighs 3 jin.All the anglers around felt incredible, everyone joked: the man caught the “Yellow catfish king” in the river.The man’s strong sense of vanity prompted him to take out his mobile phone and record the highlights of his fishing experience, which he posted online as soon as possible.Before long, the post attracted a crowd of onlookers, we envy the man caught a big fish.Meanwhile, some people have raised doubts that the fish is not yellow catfish.The editor learned through the query of information, in fact, this fish is really yellow bagel, its name is yellow bagel Wag, also called yellow bagel, hard horn yellow bagel, Lang Se river, brush, angji, with our daily life common yellow bagel is close relatives, the same as bagel, yellow bagel is a kind of fish.The biggest difference between pelteobagrus vulgaris and ordinary pelteobagrus is that it is bigger!But growing to nearly half a meter in length is extremely rare.Pelteobagrus walrus, with its tender meat, delicious taste and rich nutrition, has many benefits to the body when eaten regularly. It is a valuable freshwater fish, so it has been loved by consumers for a long time.Surprisingly, guangxi the DiaoYou, on the “giant yellow Sang fish” were measured after, take pictures, decisively to release it, to this, everyone’s view is different, some people say: such a big yellow Sang fish is may meet but cannot be asked, and you don’t have to sell can have a decent income, released it’s too bad.Some people also said that the yellow catfish with such a large size must have been growing for many years and at the same time avoided fishermen and fishermen for countless times. The release of the yellow catfish is to accumulate good fortune for itself.Fishing is a hobby, as long as there is no violation of laws and regulations, as long as it is not wild animals, as for how to deal with it is the fisherman’s freedom, but with the national protection of the ecological environment and fishery resources, resources have been getting better and better, we should be appropriate when fishing.We should give credit to the man in Guangxi for what he did.Do you like fishing?In the process of fishing, have you encountered fresh memories of the experience, welcome to leave a comment below, and share with you……

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