My 12 pairs of couplets were printed as high-end Spring Festival couplets.

In the beginning of June 2021, the person in charge of the First Spring Festival Couplet factory in Foshan city, Guangdong province came to me and asked me to write 12 pairs of new Spring Festival couplets for his factory. They provided the couplet manuscript, which was written by me in official script.Before the Spring Festival, the factory sent me some samples of printed Spring Festival couplets.I originally thought it might be printed on red paper with black characters or red paper with gold characters of ordinary Spring Festival couplets, unexpectedly, the factory printed is the first time I saw the “high-grade” Spring Festival couplets products, printed with high-grade coated paper, divided into 220x32cm, 200x32cm, 170x27cm, 120x22cm various specifications.If I am right, the characters in the couplets are printed by “electrostatic flocking” technique, which protrudes from the paper.Each piece of Spring Festival couplets are with a design patent cylindrical “Spring Festival couplet box” packaging, box appearance printed with “Chinese calligraphy Spring Festival couplets”, the top is printed with independent couplet text content, and printed with a bar code and “copyrighted masters will be investigated” words, each box containing a Spring Festival couplet.Then I remembered that I had provided the manufacturer with the Letter of Authorization to use the calligraphy, which should be the exclusive copyright.The 12 couplets and horizontal scrolls I wrote were all written on four-foot antique rice paper.Now I will these couplets and two printed Spring Festival couplets samples, packaging box pictures posted to share with you.- Wu Feng (Yifeng) horizontal batch of 12 couplet printed samples couplet packaging box

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