Property market encyclopedia: developers for channel steel layer sales routine, you know how to avoid it?

When buyers look at the new house, if the overall satisfaction of a real estate, most will sit down to a deeper understanding, when the price is some hesitant, buyers can not quickly under the timing;Sales or real estate agents may inform that there is a middle and high floor of the house doing activities, the price comparison is very cost-effective, advised buyers to pay money, late will certainly be bought by others, because at present the whole sales office is pushing this house;Are you tempted? Are you ready to pay?Hold on, hold on a second.Because this may be a routine, you will not be careful to fall into the pit.Within the new dish, dongfang one under construction in hainan province, has a home buyers due to swallow all sales, good house, bought the so-called cost-effective results after the fact that the apartment is located in the channel steel layer, it is a remorseful As an ordinary for buyers, only need to remember the following 4 points, can avoid when buying a house,The sales intentionally conceal not to inform the channel layer of the routine.1, what is channel steel layer?In simple terms: it is in the process of building construction, with a number of channel steel through the outer wall of the building, and connected with the scaffold, and then ensure the scaffold fixed support floor.2. What are the disadvantages of channel steel layer?Simply put: concentrated stacking channel steel in the floor, may cause floor cracking;After the construction of the outer wall of the building, the channel steel will be removed, and the hole will be left. If the repair and treatment are not good, it may cause water seepage in the future.3, ask the sales clerk how many floors the channel steel layer is located in the building, they are ready to buy the floor is not channel steel layer;It must be told objectively and truthfully, if the prevarication does not answer or equivocation, buyers will be vigilant;4, if the building is still under construction, under the premise of security, the buyers had better go to the construction site inspection, such as the outer wall scaffolding has been removed, but the outer wall of the building, channel steel reserved holes, has not been filled in time, distinguish is actually very simple.For buyers, just want to buy a set of their own love, safe and reliable and not cheated house;In fact, channel steel layer is a common phenomenon in most buildings, we did not deny its objective value, only hope that you can have the right to know, can be truthfully told when buying, rather than malicious concealment of bullying marketing.

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