A post-00s girl from Huaiyang District of Zhoukou takes part in a dance performance at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games

Image network news (Henan radio and television rong media reporter Ding Yangguang correspondent Hou Junyu) a group of actors holding on behalf of the national small snowflake guide card, the final dance out of a glittering and translucent huge snowflake.The five-minute dance, “Building a Snowflake,” impressed audiences around the world during the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics on Feb 4.Among the 96 performers, li Haoying, a post-00s girl from Huaiyang District, Zhoukou city, is a freshman majoring in Chinese folk dance at the Beijing Dance Academy.”As the only dance performance of the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the 96 performers are all from multiple departments of the Beijing Dance Academy.”Li haoying said that her department has a total of 35 girls, including 14 girls selected to participate in the rehearsal and performance of the dance “Building a Snowflake.”Rehearsals began in early October and took place most of the time on the Bird’s Nest stadium until the opening ceremony.In December 2021, when the lowest temperature in Beijing was around minus 10 degrees Celsius, he would wear a hat, mask and gloves to cover himself very tightly at every rehearsal. Even so, his breath condensed into ice flakes on his eyebrows and eyelashes.Although it was hard, I felt full of vigor and vitality when I thought that I would show the elegant demeanor of Chinese youth to the world audience at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games.A rehearsal in the sky floating snow, they dance “snow”, countless snowflakes in the spotlight, like the Milky Way broken stars like the beauty of the world.It is reported that Li Hao-ying did not tell his family that he would perform in the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics for several months.Every time her mother asked her what she was doing, she would answer by rehearsing.She waited until the day before the Opening ceremony to share her excitement by telling her mother that she would be performing at the opening ceremony.Li hao-ying’s mother is also proud of her daughter’s performance. “Self-discipline and diligence” is her evaluation of her overall performance in learning dance for more than 10 years.On the evening of February 4th, Li Haoying, holding the snowflake guide card, and other 95 students of Beijing Dance Academy performed “Building a Snowflake” at the opening ceremony.In 5 minutes, 96 small snowflakes dressed by Li Haoying formed a huge snowflake, expressing the meaning of all friends and guests gathering in China, harmony of all nations.The wonderful performance won the applause, is the best reward for their hard training months.”Standing on the huge and amazing stage of the Bird’s Nest and listening to the screams of the audience, I feel very excited and excited inside. I feel even more proud to be born in this great country.”Li haoying is still excited to recall the shining five minutes.Li Haoying, born in 2004, began to learn dance at the age of 6.At the age of 10, he was admitted from Huaiyang to the secondary opera school affiliated to the National Academy of Chinese Opera with excellent results.After six years of hard training, she stood out from tens of thousands of candidates and was admitted to the Chinese Folk Dance major at The Beijing Dance Academy in 2021.(Zhoukou news hotline: 180 0371 1867, email: zhoukou@hnr.cn.The “Elephant Escort Office” tel: 180 0371 9699)

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