Byd Han travel version no fake makeup photo exposure, join the convertible design, handsome over!

We all know that the future is the world of new energy vehicles, Volkswagen, Honda, Toyota, Hyundai and other global well-known car enterprises have begun to electrify the transition, and luxury brands and independent brands are the same, it can be seen that the era of traditional fuel cars has begun to sum up slowly.Today is for everyone to recommend a new pure electric touring car, it is travel byd han edition, all know byd is now independent of new energy cars, is the domestic “tesla,” han since 2020, sold more than 150000 units, pure electric car sales crown is serious, and byd is also strike while the iron is hot.Launched a derivative version of the model Han travel version, not much to say, let’s see!Although the new car cover serious, but the front face modeling still continued the Han cash design, the modeling is very amazing.The biggest changes are concentrated on the sides, with a design unique to the station wagon that maximizes the interior space.However, the new car will have a convertible design. We don’t know if it will be a soft top or a hard top, but we’ll check in later.Below is a convertible road test spy according to, can obviously see that the new car uses four design, practical or very strong.Power is still the continuation of the cash design, the maximum power is expected to be 222 horsepower, 494 horsepower, performance is very strong, especially the high-power version, breaking time of 3.9 seconds, this acceleration can be comparable to porsche 911.Battery still use byd proud of CTP blade lithium iron phosphate batteries, security with range performance is very good, is expected to maximum range of 605 km, and support the super quick charge, only 25 minutes to complete 30% – 80% of the electricity supply, and officials say only need to charge for 10 minutes, can last 135 km, choose the car,Absolutely let you forget endurance anxiety!The new car will be exported to the European market in the future, which can be called the pride of our own brand. As for when this car will be launched, let time tell us the answer!

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