In the guardian gathering | JingYing turns out to be the “year”

Taurus pendulum tail farewell fu Tiger head to welcome the New Year’s day Jinghong public security to the city’s people happy New Year to wish you good health!Work well!Happy New Year!The Year of the Tiger!.Length 00:35 happy song and farewell to the old yearDecorating their New Year in put up red lanterns, Chinese knot as a symbol of good fortune as one wishes “hit” Spring Festival couplets gradually permeated into JingYing adds a beautiful beautiful scenery to celebrate the New Year when everyone is immersed in a family reunion and festive atmosphere when they choose to hold on his post silently guarding the reunion “everyone” peace “reunion” and “absent” is a grassroots police eachIn order to ensure that the officers on duty can also feel the warmth of the family, all the families show their magic power to pull full “sense of ceremony” come on,Small make up take you thirty on duty “taste” full aftertaste family reunion dinner together JingYing festival atmosphere to prepare food this busy day of their choice on duty clearance “McCoy” build festival atmosphere # does not cook cook not qualified sorghum # # busy in his hand Intercom welded # compared to eat a meal, help alarm masses # is more important to meet the New Year.Make dumplings made the meal # for the “big team” that is the most convenient meal dumplings a hot pan, then let to ShangQin civilian police, early for the auxiliary police first taste the mid autumn festival “tourists” although not as good as in the JingYing colorful circle of friends but still hit a lot of happy don’t hurry take one minus chun connect blessing “reunion” and will go to protect Spring Festival gatheringBetween the police and the distance across a period of waiting for a family reunion forever missing always they don’t is a circle, circle because responsibility on the shoulder with their practical action silent guard positions of the gathering “year” is just as sweet producer | | the king her audit Yu Liwu text, edit | he xu

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