Lu Qinglong | New Landscape Series of 2022 (I)

Lu Qinglong LuQinglong Council member of China Artists Association, Deputy Director of Watercolor Art Committee of China Artists Association, Vice Chairman of Jiangsu Artists Association, Vice President of Jiangsu Academy of Painting and Calligraphy, Vice President of Art School of Nanjing University”Spring Bay” 70x110cm “The Beginning of Pale Yellow” 30x40cm “Light yellow powder for Spring” 25x30cm “Rain Awakening Branches” 40X30cm “Village Green” 40x50cm “Spring Festival Gala Green Show” 40x50cm “Green Overflowing spring” 170x350cm “Spring Stream overflowing canal field” 40x50cm “The first shoot on the topHead 35x45cm Distant Home 30x40cm Spring Breeze Grass Cottage 40x50cm March 3rd 25x30cm Only this green 50x40cm

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