People with these five conditions, fatty liver or “hidden” around, should do a regular check-up

In recent years, with the improvement of living conditions, the number of people suffering from fatty liver has also increased.In the physical examination, some people will be found to have mild or moderate fatty liver, mostly due to diet and poor living habits.Especially these 5 kinds of people should be careful, fatty liver “hidden” around, ready to attack.Prevention must be strengthened for good health.These 5 types of people are more likely to develop fatty liver 1. Regular alcoholics. Regular alcoholics require liver catabolism due to alcohol.If drinking for a long time, the liver is in catabolism for a long time, which will increase the burden of the liver and damage the liver.After the liver is damaged, it will reduce the amount of excretion, allowing fat to stay in the liver.Alcohol is formed when the amount of fat increases over time.2, sedentary, sedentary people Nowadays many people at work are often sedentary, do not exercise every day.You sit down and work for hours, barely getting up and moving.This bad habit will make fat accumulation in the liver, over time will lead to the occurrence of fatty liver.Therefore, we should do less than half an hour to an hour of exercise every day.You also need to get up and walk every half an hour to an hour at work. Through exercise, you can help burn excess energy and reduce the amount of fat in your liver.3, people who stay up late for a long time now many young people, always think they are young, good physical condition, often go to bed late at night.Some even often stay up late, this bad lifestyle, easy to lead to insufficient blood flow of the liver, thereby aggravating the burden of the liver, but also reduce the function of the liver.Time is long, when adipose need comes in decomposition, liver can appear heart is powerful and the expression of force inadequacy.Long-term will let fat accumulation in the liver, increase the amount of fat will form fatty liver.Therefore, we should go to sleep before 10 o ‘clock at night and try not to stay up late to help the liver repair at night.4, people who like to eat high calorie, high fat, spicy food some people like to eat fried, barbecue and high fat, spicy food, and these foods will increase the burden of the liver.Some unhealthy eating habits, will affect the normal metabolism of the liver, but also make the body physical poor and other situations occur.In particular, insufficient nutrition of the body will easily lead to poor liver metabolism, the formation of nutritional nonbenign fatty liver.5, obese people now people’s living conditions are better, the number of obesity is also significantly increased, and even some children also appear obesity.Obese people have a lot of body fat, in addition to the body fat, even in the blood will also contain a lot of fatty acids.These fatty acids will enter the liver, aggravating the burden of the liver, metabolic capacity decline, time will let the liver in fat accumulation, the formation of fatty liver.Obese people are generally light and moderate fatty liver.The formation of fatty liver is not accidental, have very big relation with individual life, diet however.It is usually “hidden” around for a long time, unconsciously formed.Therefore, for these five people, we must pay attention to prevention.Usually to pay more attention to life, diet, do not think that no symptoms of the liver is no problem, do a regular check of the liver, to be able to master the liver situation;And timely treatment when abnormalities are found to avoid the occurrence of other liver diseases, especially the formation of fatty liver.

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