Should selfishness in disaster be condemned?

Should selfishness in disaster be condemned, my first instinct is not.In a disaster, the instinct for survival leads you to act selfishly, which is inevitable, so why should we condemn the selfish behavior of a person in an extreme situation?But on second thought, no, selfishness is the disgraceful side of human nature, although it may be instinctive, but it is still disgraceful, is the dark side of human nature, must be condemned.So, selfishness in disaster is also selfishness, why can’t it be condemned?Reprehensible!Why must selfishness be condemned?Simply because he would make people act in a self-centered way, even to the detriment of the common good, or the good of others.What is more is to make illegal things, that is, to hurt others, but also bury themselves.Don’t forget the word favoritism, favoritism, favoritism is a very important reason for one’s downfall.If you do not condemn selfishness of all kinds today, you may be hurt yourself. Even if you remain silent when you are hurt by a selfish person, he will probably kick up his nose tomorrow and take it for granted.We’ve all heard of Semion, Duchou. Why?Why is there a big difference between a person’s sense of gain when he borrows $10,000 from others and his sense of loss when he returns $10,000?It is because people are selfish, always think about gain, and hate to lose.He even takes the help of others for granted, because he is used to it, and his selfish nature makes him take it for granted.In the same way, if you are a selfish person, you will gradually become more and more selfish, and if you take this selfishness as so-called human nature and do not tame it, then you will not think of yourself as selfish.There are a lot of things in others, you are not a thing, but you take it for granted.If you are called selfish, you will think others are nosy, and you will feel great about yourself.For example, if you steal five dollars from someone, but you give one back, at this time, you should have taken four dollars from someone else, or even stolen four dollars from someone else, but you probably feel great, look, I gave one back.It is clear that you harm the interests of others, but selfish you from their own point of view unexpectedly found their own great reason, but also can comfort themselves.Therefore, all evils have their own words, if selfish do not condemn and criticize, people will be more and more no bottom line, light moral corruption, heavy prison.Above what we say is normal selfishness, let’s talk about disaster selfishness.In fact, the selfishness in the disaster is also selfish, should be condemned.In a disaster, survival is the instinct, the instinct of all people.The selfish behavior in the disaster, mostly in the survival, or out of the fear of disaster and do instinctive behavior.But selfishness in disaster is all the more reprehensible, for it may not only harm the interests of others, but also endanger their lives.In disaster relief, for example, you hog too much aid, and you want not only to eat, but to eat well, and to enjoy, which means that people are likely to die for lack of food.In more extreme cases, you do something selfish purely to save your life, like a flood, and you only have a piece of wood, which is just enough to support yourself, and you see another person next to you, and you don’t help him because you’re afraid the wood won’t hold two people.So, can people be excused for selfish behavior in extreme situations?Of course it’s forgivable. Anyone could have done that.We cannot ask a man to be noble, noble is noble because he is of his own mind, not because he is asked.None of us has the right to ask others to be noble.This does not mean, however, that such extreme selfishness should not be condemned, whether the subject of such condemnation is public or private.Especially individuals, if a person takes the situation for granted, or even smugly, stay away from that person.You can say maybe I’ll do it again next time, but you can’t say I should do it.Of course, this is the moral requirements of the self, others can not interfere.So should the public condemn it?Of course, human beings must have their own moral bottom line, because without the bottom line, the whole of human morality will fall, and the human world will become a beast world.Of course, the public can condemn selfishness in such a disaster, but it must not attack the individual.Again, morality is ultimately self-restraint.The private in the disaster needs to be condemned, because we need the bottom line, can not be taken for granted because of the extreme situation, the bottom line can not be lost.But we can’t condemn individuals who act selfishly in extreme cases of disaster, because you can’t use your personal virtue to demand others, and in that case, you might as well choose to.

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