The Emergency Management Bureau of Laoshan District in Qingdao has helped carry out survey to ensure people’s physical and mental health

Peninsular network March 26 news (correspondent Du Junhe Liu Dan) March 25, rainy, chilly spring.The bad weather did not affect the laoshan district administration of emergency response to epidemic prevention and control of determination, the commandos dina liu, li Yang, Liu Xi also, in having four players with community volunteers in the rain, into the new delimit the centralization, enter a MoPai work, more than 70 total household, love for epidemic prevention and control and issuing of materials provides the accurate data.In light of the epidemic situation, the COVID-19 prevention and control headquarters of the Republic of Korea and China adjusted the containment area in Dongjiaxiazhuang, and designated a new containment area within 100 meters of where the confirmed cases lived in the community.25 morning, under the leadership of temporary Party branch secretary Yu Xiao, 4 commandos and community volunteers were divided into 2 teams to form the “Dabai expedition team” into the containment area to carry out the expedition work.The newly demarcated containment area has its own villagers, but more of them are floating tenants, and the living environment is very complex.In the face of such situation, laoshan area emergency management agency of the “white” without complaint, against the wind in the rain, in close dialogue with sealing centralization households one by one, one, hard, once check, will all household name, id number, phone number and other information item by item, registration, and examine whether the residents hold the seventh round of the nucleic acid detection identification code, to ensure that the basis of epidemic prevention and control work in place.During the process, baymax from the Emergency Management Bureau of Laoshan District asked residents whether they had any difficulties in living and whether their children needed help in learning.”When the spring breeze enters the house, the magnolia blossoms.” The “Baymax” acts like spring breeze, blowing the magnolia blossoms in the courtyard, and blowing the “magnolia blossoms” in the hearts of the residents.”You are our friends and give us peace of mind,” said Ms. Du, 50.Statistical classification successfully concluded “heart with spring breeze, blow away thousands of miles of epidemic”, after 3 hours of joint efforts, household check and platoon work successfully ended.Then, under the guidance of temporary party branch secretary in xiao, dina liu, li Yang, Liu Xi also and in having four players, will be the basis of morning MoPai data statistics, classification and summary, carrying the base number of the seal centralization control personnel, provides accurate data for the following goods distribution, played an important role in the epidemic prevention and control work.Laoshan district as the organ cadres, let the common people at ease is bounden duty.The four commandos are a microcosm of laoshan district’s emergency management bureau.During the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, emergency responders have taken “strict control and prevention” as a training ground to improve their capabilities and a touchstone to test their work style, and built a solid defense line to protect the lives and safety of the people.

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