Do not inject do not take medicine to treat “three high”?Expert: Beware of being cheated

Changsha, March 15 (Xinhua)In recent years, hypertension, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia patients with “three highs” increased, some institutions aimed at “three high” crowd in “people”, “big” “big guys” banner, to promote “don’t take medicine, injections can” uniform “three highs”, a lot of “exotic” operation delayed treatment, there was a tragedy, even some misguided squealed the patients and their families,Elderly patients and teenagers and children have become the focus of the business.Reporter survey found that many non-governmental organizations claim that without the use of insulin and permanent cure diabetes, give treatment good cases for propaganda, and agency said “factor” into the human body acupuncture point, can be cooperate physiotherapy warehouse change of a light wave function in the body’s humoral ph value, thus make insulin secretion restored to normal, to achieve the so-called cure, can be targeted to repair cells,It is effective for cancer, stroke and so on.In fact, these products do not treat diabetes at all.Liu Liang, president of Ningxiang People’s Hospital in Hunan Province, said that the hospital had once treated children with diabetes who did not use insulin, but used so-called “enabling repair factors” in conjunction with physiotherapy warehouse to “treat” diabetes, which ultimately delayed the treatment.The reporter understands from the market supervision bureau of hunan province, hunan is investigated through a lot of health care products, including illegal businessmen to corn starch into a capsule, claims to be the god of medicine cure hypertension, sold to geriatrics patients, there are those who cheat consumers said their ancestral secret recipe to reverse diabetes, then execute the law personnel is found that the so-called “magic pill” but some of the common herbs.Li Xuejun, professor of neurosurgery at Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, introduced that some businesses use the “three High” patients’ desire for health to carry out online marketing, hiring a variety of network writers on wechat, Weibo to cook up a variety of exaggerated propaganda, medicine to cure the disease soft articles, inducing patients to take the bait.There are many elderly people for health demand and scientific health information supply is not equal, it is difficult to resist the “warmth offensive” salesman, buy all kinds of “magic medicine” “magic medicine”.Some elderly people like to take health care products while taking medicine, thinking that this is in health, but they do not know that they increase the risk of drug use.Some elderly patients with diabetes and hypertension need to take a variety of drugs, but also like to take medicine, while taking a variety of health care products, which aggravates the burden of liver and kidney, may also occur drug interaction.Professor Liu Youshuo, chief physician of the Second Xiangya Hospital of Central South University and director of the Institute of Aging and Geriatrics at Central South University, pointed out that any health care products with magical curative effects under the banner of curing diseases are suspected of false publicity.”Three high” crowd do not believe that there is a reversal of disease, cure of disease “universal prescription”, do not blindly credulous a few black clinics that do not have medical qualifications roll out free experience, “expert” recommend, lest be deceived.Experts call, diabetes, hypertension and other chronic disease patients surge, due to the lack of health concept and health expert guidance, these chronic patients in the early stages of the disease did not cause attention, some patients have reached the hospitalization indicators but for some reason delay, resulting in chronic disease complications, and even cause serious cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.In the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases such as the “three High fever”, “three high fever” and “three high fever”, we need to move the threshold forward, and at the same time, improve the people’s health literacy, so that people get sick less and later.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address:

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