Hot!!!!20220222, every district of Kunming city marriage registration reservation is full!Several districts put the word: come how many do how many

Marriage registration offices in some areas are reported to be fully booked for Feb 22, the 22nd day of the first lunar month due to the number of “2” s in Chinese, which sounds like “love”.Many cities have only a small number of places in parts of their urban areas.So what about Kunming?A total of 60 couples in Kunming’s Wuhua District have booked their weddings on February 22, compared with 40 for the traditional Valentine’s Day, according to the district’s administrative services Bureau.Related, said an official with the general wuhua marriage registrations for 10-20 couples every day, on February 22, the upcoming registration peak, wuhua district in accordance with the requirements of disease prevention and control, to accept a day during the outbreak of online booking limit is 20 pairs, staff will remind to complete the appointment of new go ahead, improve efficiency.On February 22, newlyweds who have not made an appointment can register their marriage directly at the Civil affairs window of Wuhua District (booking is preferred). The staff will provide services for all newlyweds until the marriage is finished.Jin Rong, head of the marriage registration office of panlong Civil Affairs Bureau in panlong district, said: “In mid-January, the number of appointments for February 22 through a mobile phone service was already full, but appointments can still be made on-site and by phone. Couples who make reservations through a mobile phone service will also be given priority on the same day.”It is understood that since June 1 last year can be cross-regional marriage registration, as of December 31 last year, the number of cross-regional marriage registration in Panlong District ranked first in the city, in a mobile phone service on February 14 appointment registration quota in early January about full.In order to welcome the special meaning of the day on February 22, personnel from the Civil affairs bureau and the political affairs Bureau will be dispatched to the scene to help.Jin rong also reminded couples who want to apply for marriage registration on February 22 to complete pre-marital check-ups in advance and queue up at the gate orderly, each day can enter 10 couples to register.During the epidemic period, when registering for marriage, please wear a mask, show your health code and travel code, take a temperature check, and keep a safe distance.Xiong deyou xiong deyou hu, director of the civil affairs bureau marriage registration office said: “people can use a mobile phone business communication and marriage registration network two platform in yunnan province, but as a result of the epidemic prevention and control requirements, online booking number for 20 a day, if the quota of people about full, new people can choose offline directly into marriage registration hall.”On February 22, 2022, she said, “really has a special meaning, there should be many couples would choose to register get married in the day, xiong deyou government affairs service center of marriage registration hall will be related to prepare in advance to make an appointment register, line up your turn, online guidance measures, such as group to ensure that each couple to enjoy the best quality, most efficient service.At the same time, she reminded couples to bring relevant documents, show their health code and travel code, take temperature checks, wear masks all the time when waiting in line, and keep a safe distance.Xishan district “Currently 20 reservations through the online platform of a mobile phone APP have been fully booked, but offline reception is still available. We advocate the application of staggered peak in advance and the certificate can be obtained on the same day.According to wang Liping, director of the social affairs section of xishan Civil Affairs Bureau, the marriage registration window of xishan Civil Affairs Bureau will remain open all day on February 22 until all registration is completed. According to previous experience, about 200 couples will register on this special day this year.Wang Liping reminded that the new people can go to the window from now on to submit the wrong peak in advance, the relevant procedures, 22 days to get the certificate, do not have to wait until the day to queue for processing, which can greatly save time.In addition, the Xishan District government service Center will also arrange special personnel responsible for answering inquiries and answering questions on the spot, strengthen communication, interpretation and service work, and take queuing, control the number of people into the hall and other ways to divert registered people.At the same time, combined with the actual work, open a green channel for soldiers in active service, priority marriage registration procedures for soldiers.According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, 20 couples can be booked online for marriage registration every day. At present, the marriage registration on February 22 has been fully booked, and unbooked couples can wait in line at the site until the registration is finished.In this day of love, I wish all lovers shall have Jill!As long as we love each other, every day is a good day

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